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Howler 2020 - Build 42

We're getting ready to ship a newer version - another new build for PD Howler 2020: build #42

This build provides a revamped undo browser. Here's where you'll find it:

(click the image for larger view)

You can now simply hover the mouse over the various entries in the undo browser list, and it will immediately show the preview, revealing what you'll revert back to if you double-click that entry. This can be great to experiment and get back to a prior stage. From a workflow perspective, you can of course also keep important steps (that you decide are key milestones) selectively in a separate stored image stack. In the above screenshot, you do in fact see a few of them along the right side.

For other details on Howler 2020, see here:

Halloween Sale

We had a typo and snafu with the prior newsletter. We had indicated that the discount code for Halloween expired Oct 2nd. Duh! Halloween hasn't happened yet.
So we're now corecting it. The code is good through Nov 3/4 (depending on your timezone).

Discount Code:

If you don't have Howler 2020 yet and realize it's time to jump in or upgrade, use this discount code for the Halloween special.
This will get you a 33% discount off the regular price, Expires Nov. 4 -  Applicable to PD Howler 2020 and Artist 2020.

Note: get even better, a 50% discount, if you already have an earlier version.

If you can't afford the latest yet, you might want to consider starting with Howler 2019 or Artist 2019. After you've created your first winning/selling artwork, you'll be easily able to upgrade to v2020. It's also a more affordable to cautiously test it with your PC, to make sure it works with it and is fast enough for what you do.

Check new prices at

If you started using PD Howler or PD Artist with the 2019 release or an earlier version, even at Daz3d or on Steam, you can upgrade to 2020 at 50% discount. Contact Phil for your discount code.

Next Community Webinar with Digital Art Live:

December 8 - Mark you Calendars

Details to be announced as we get closer, but generally speaking: this will have more focus on tools for animation and working with video clips. If you also do 3D work (Blender, Carrara, Lightwave, Curvy3D, etc...) and want to composite things with images and videos from Howler or other sources, be sure to join.

In the meantime, check their other upcoming and recent webinars - some great stuff on Carrara and Flowscape there to name a few.


    New Tutorials & Videos

Check the Youtube channel for recently posted tutorials and sample videos:

Paper textures With Bristle Brushes - Dogwaffle 2020

345 frames - a single animation rendred in Howler

Using JSplacement - into Howler -

Below are a few more animations created in Howler:

MyMedia - raging river -

October canyon animation 1 -

10 12b -

10 12c -

New Landscape

Here's an elevation map for you to play with, and its matching texture map:

view & download the elevation map
view & download the texture map

Here's a sample rendering done with it: (click it for larger image)

And yes, of course we'll just have to render a fly-by animation along that ridge!

Final Words

What else don't you want to miss? Here's a word from the creator of PD Howler's Project Dogwaffle, and writer of the adventures of Silver Squirrel. If you like to read, read this:

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce my latest book, Silver Squirrel and the Princedome of the Hill, in which Silver Squirrel is chosen to save a castle-like city built by deer, which is now under siege by a pack of wolves.  If you like a good read in the vein of Watership Down, and Narnia, every purchase helps keep Howler development going.  Visit Silver Squirrel at

Silver Squirrel in Uneasy Pieces review When we last left Silver Squirrel, the eponymous odd-duck hero of Dan Ritchie’s debut novel, he and his intended mate, Sandy Brown, had just escaped the enigmatic predator known as The Hawk.

As always, thanks for Howling, and please let others know about us.  Don't keep us a secret anymore.  Your help really... helps... a lot!

And was we said before, every order keeps Howler development going, so it's a win-win!  Silver Squirrel is a hero who solves his problems with love and forgiveness, and changes the world in his own unique, rodenty way.

These are the Silver Squirrel Ebooks that are currently available for sale:

(illustration painted in PD Howler: )

With the holidays around the corner, these make great gifts.
Visit Silver Squirrel at

And that's it, for now.

Thanks again for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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