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   January 31 2020: PD Howler 13 is available at Daz

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My oh my, how time flies! It's already February. One month down, 11 more to go.... and we'll be back to holidays in no time.

What's going on?


PD Howler 13 released at Daz

Howler 13 is also known as the latest, Howler 2020.

If you already got your Howler 2020, you're all set. But you can upgrade or start, or start a friend with Howler 2020, by ordering here now too:

 The regular price is $79.95,  and it is on sale for the launch. Just shy of $56. If you have some unused Daz-bucks, this should come in handy.

PD Howler 13 at the Daz store


Dogwaffler of the Moment


New Features? New Build of PD Howler?

As of late January 2020, the latest build of Howler 2020 is build 46.  You may also see it called Howler "2020.1". And of course PD Howler 13.

At Daz, it's a slightly earlier version, around build 43 or so.  Just was a matter of timing. No worries, there will be an update through Daz.

If you never looked into Howler 2020, start here:

If you never looked into Howler, including earlier versions, start here:

New Tutorials & Videos

Check the Youtube channel for recently posted tutorials and sample videos:

Here are but a few recent ones:

flying into my first cloud

welcome to the particle modeler of PD Howler. It's not brand new, it's been there since v9.6, now we are at v13 also known as Howler 2020. There have been a few improvements in recent years or months. Time to start from the beginning.

restoring bad frames along a video clip, with PD Howler

Any promotion this month?  why of course!  

Use this coupon for 25% off to order PD Howler 2020 (also known as version 13), or PD Artist 2020.


This offer is good through President's Day, February 17.

Order at and select the version you want. When you see the order form (hosted securely by BMTmicro) be sure to enter your discount code and click outside the text box to see the discount price.

Fundraiser on Gofundme - mission accomplished!

A few weeks ago, Dan's laptop went 'kaputt', and he needed a replacement so as support customers - users of PD Howler, Artist and Dogwaffle at large - and to do email, promote his books from the Silver Squirrel series, basic stuff to survive as a creative developer and writer...., a laptop around 500-600 bucks would have to do... and at the time that was not in reach - so he went looking for donations to help him replace the dead laptop. We're glad to report that there were good compassionate souls around and ready to help.

Here's from Dan's Gofundme campaign:

Not terribly long ago, creating art on a computer was difficult and limiting.  Now, the sky's the limit.  More than 20 years ago, I set out to write software to help people get their films made, explore their vision and make it easier to live their dreams, really push the industry standers.  Great idea!

Content creation has since exploded, and we independent developers sometimes get left out in the cold, overshadowed by mega-corporations and well funded free foundations. 

Life happens. I've had a bad year of health problems and haven't been able to keep up with everything. 

I'd just like to replace my computer that has stopped running, so I can continue to live and support those who use my creative tools.

The goal for this gofundme campaign was $600 and we're happy to report it's been reached. It may be possible to add more donations, if you so feel inclined. You can of course also support Dan by ordering PD Artist or PD Howler directly from him at - or through the store with bmtmicro seen at

Another way to help him and yourself is by reading his books -

And of course by helping to spread the word about the successful campaign on gofundme.

To learn more about this campaign go right here:

gofundme campaign for a new laptop

From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank you all for supporting Dan in this manner.


And that's it, for now.

Oh wait - just one more - an animation above some waters and mountains

This one is made for viewing on wide screens. Enjoy!

Thanks again for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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