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   March 2020: Who would have thought?

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Just 2 months ago, things weren't going well, but boy oh boy, who would have thought it could get even worse, this bad so quickly, so suddenly.

This crisis with the Corona virus, it makes you rethink your priorities, doesn't it?

We hope you're safe, able to work from home, or otherwise okay and not completely disrupted.

Be safe, be healthy

 If you're still wondering why all the fuss or how bad can it really get and should you really respect home-confinement?.... we'd like to recommend this educational video from the fabulous team at  "kurzgesagt" - it's German for something like "plain and simple", or "in a few words" - or also:  in a nutshell!

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

It's brilliant, but be warned, it is also potentially scary. The reality of Covid-19, how bad it could get, nothing to joke about.

Here's a video we'd recommend, and if you agree it's good, please share with loved ones. Help protect them.

If you'd like to learn more about the creators of that video, kurzgesagt, watch more of their educational/science tutorials, look here:

The background detauils and info on the above-mentioned video about the Corona virus can be seen here:

New Features? an update at Daz

We had announced in the last newsletter in January that Howler 2020 became available at Daz3D. The initial release there was with build 42, which wasn't the latest anymore by the time it got there.

We have since released the latest, currently build 46, now available at Daz too.

If you got your Howler 2020 at Daz, be sure to redownload if you initially got it (in late January/early february).

What's new between build 42 through 46? Check it here:


Working from Home? Got more Time to Paint? Sidegrade from Steam?

If you are finding yourself at home more than in the past (prior to Covid-19), perhaps you'd like to get your Dogwaffle updated?

No matter which prior version you have, you are invited to use a 50% discount coupon. Order here:

If you don't have your discount code yet, please contact Philip, or contact Dan the developer for similar deals.

Contact us at

New Tutorials & Videos - Photo Restoration

Check the Youtube channel for recently posted tutorials and sample videos:

Last month we explored a few techniques for photorestoration.

various techniques for photo restoration

photo restoration with Dogwaffle -- part 2

dark diffusion - a technique to remove many small dust blemishes

Dust and Scratches part 1 - Photo Restoration techniques with image processing

Dust and Scratches part 2

And two more, unrelated to Photo restoration:

how to export the z buffer's data, depth information of rendered scene

Don't have any prior Dogwaffle yet? You can still get a discount: 33% off  

Use this coupon for 33% off to order PD Howler 2020 (also known as version 13), or PD Artist 2020.


This offer is good through Sunday April 19, 2020.

Order at and select the version you want. When you see the order form (hosted securely by BMTmicro) be sure to enter your discount code and click outside the text box to see the discount price.

(your actual discount may be different from the one shown in the image below)

Dan's Fundraiser on Gofundme - goal extended!

Dan needs extra help to get things going. It's been very tough at all levels. He's raised the goal to $1600

If you can help in anyway, thank you! the best way to help is by ordering the software from him directly at but if you have no use for it, the gofundme page is another great way. And you can also invite friends to do so.


And that's it, for now.
Thanks again for waffling and howling!and be safe, stay healthy.

Team Dogwaffle


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