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   May 2020: May-onaise

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If you found that you're confined at home and have more time to paint, then it's a good thing. Happy waffling and howling!


New Release of PD Artist 2020 - build 47

We're now shipping build 0047 for PD Artist 2020. It's been a while since the last update. As you may realize, we release PD Howler updates much more easily and more frequently. If you want to stay on the latest, we recommend upgrading to PD Howler.

Learn more about PD ARtist 2020



Anything coming on Steam?

Sorry, no news there, no new developments and no expectations of that changing anytime soon. So please don't wait further, do yourself a big favor by ordering from us directly. If you don't want to stay on the old Howler 9.6, 10, 11 or PD Artist 11 from Steam, upgrade to PD Howler 13 (aka 2020) or PD Artist 2020. You can find an awesome discount coupon below through May, but even better if you contact Philip (50% off)  -


  Oui,  C'est magnifique!

Some French Help Documentation Added!

We have received a wonderful contribution from Xavier Legendre, a French-speaking Dogwaffle user. He has created a French translation of a bunch of Help pages. 

We already had received a Spanish version in a similar surprise, dating back to another contribution in October 2019. That one had been created by Macedonio Jimenez.

Look here for ALL Available Help Docs -

Look here for the new French Help Docs -

Look here for the recent Spanish Help Docs -

Are you next? What's your language?

If you're interested in doing something similar in another language, you might want to use the free online SYSTRAN Translate ( as a starting point for quick pre-translation with neural MT, and then review it for your final terminology and touch it up.

There are of course a number of other translation tools and techniques out there, this is just one that we're particularly familiar with and recommended it too because for some languages there are special profiles so it might be for example an option to pick a translation profile from the IT domain, and it might thus translate better than the Generic way. Either way, you can add your expert knowledge to it.

Thanks again Xavier for this French version, and also thanks again Macedonio for the Spanish contribution!

If we received others but seem to have missed them, we apologize, it's been a very busy time  and we'll need time to check it.


New Tutorials & Videos

Animation Creation Panel (update mid April 2020)

Object Removal - Feature Removal - how to remove objects in an image

Browser tutorial - did you know?



Timelapse of terrain modeling and rendering

Camera Stabilization


Memorial Day is coming Fast! Here's a discount for you...

Yes, incredible, we're already in the Month of May. In just a few weeks, Memorial Day.

Let's help ourselves a little bit out of boredom while still confined at home. Grab this discount code for 40% off.

Discount code =    BoredInMay

Order PD Howler or PD Artist here:



Bored?... Did you mean Board?  It Started with Just a Checker Board

Click the images to view or download high-res versions. Here are a few key steps and comments on each progression.

- So, here is a starter checker board, coming from the Render filters:

- And here's a straight rendering in Fileter > Transform > Puppy Ray GPU


- Changed the sky, Sun size, color, position


- Enabled water. Actually it was enabled initially by default, now we've re-enabled it, and see the sky reflecting in it.


- Changed water features, transparent and refractive, absorbtion, dispersion...


- Added volumetric bump maps to the surface, and changed the height of the waves


- enabled caustics on the water


- Enabled a different Sky, using the checker baord image as custom brush. Added smoothing, threshold and more smoothing to the heightmap.


- even softer ehightmap, and different custom sky. Are we in a hive of Alien breeding?


- Added a slope gradient to the heightmap, different Sky, and a little bit of post work for the Sun


- final render. Can you believe this started from just a check board?

And a few more landscapes

Try for yourself, in Dogwaffle or other programs:

elevation map:

color map:

Even larger original versions:


Renderings. Click images for full sized originals







And that's it, for now.
Thanks again for waffling and howling!and be safe, stay healthy.

Team Dogwaffle


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