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   July 2021 --- Howler 2022.1 is here!

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Howler 2022 build 33 is also called 2022.1

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Be safe, be healthy, be creative - and yes, do reach for the stars!


Howler 2022 has evolved to 2022.1:  build 33 is out

We've been shipping the new 2022 for a good month now and it's been available also for a little longer at Dan's

Here's an intro video about Howler 2022.1

Please consider purchasing or upgrading from Dan directly so he gets the biggest benefit.

Please also consider supporting him via Patreon. Hos channel there is primarily on his books, Silver Squirrel, but who's to say he could be swayed to talk more about Howler there? Perhaps you could support him with a level that includes Howler 2021 or the latest 2022?

Thanks for considering.

Interested in more details? Learn more here:

Look for the News section, with the Captain's log!

Promotion with SOS through end of July:  Software on Sale free Giveaway!

We've got a promo going on with Howler 2020. Get it for free on SoftwareOnSale, aka SoS

Details here:

Upgrade from that version or go straight to it, with 55% discount code shown there. No prior version needed.

code =

(expires around July 29)

Of course you still can request and use a discount coupon for 50% off for upgrading from any prior version, including sidegrades from PD ARtist and non-Dogwaffle tools, 3D tools too. Make Howler the companion tool.




Looking for more Steam Reviewers & Curators

Howler 2021 on SteamAre you a VIP on Steam? Are you a Curator? Do you run a blog or do you publish your thoughts and reviews?

If you are a reviewer or curator, or think you can otherwise help promote and grow visibility, please contact Philip for a Steam key if you're interested in writing a review or have other proposals/ideas.

Please note: Steam has Howler version 2021 at this time. But if you'd like to review the non-Steam (for now) Howler 2022 and post it on Steam and other place(s), please contact me too.

Tutorials and Sample Videos

With had numerous(!) new videos posted to our youtube channel. 

The Daily Dose


A few most recent ones:

Flashback with 2020 -  rendering an animation and slowing it down with motion estimated interpolation

Flamey - inspired by Flame Painter

Animation 101, part 7 - animated transitions

Motion Prediction Module - Schloss Neuschwanstein

Loopable animations with added 'breathing' motion

High-resolution skies in Puppy-Ray

Just One More - When is PD Howler going to Sub-Orbital Space, Sir Richard Branson?
the last PD Pro box, mint condition,
              un-opened... soon in space?
July 11, aka 7/11. 

Did you watch the live feed? 7/11 - it's no longer just a convenience store, but it is now also making space travel a little bit more convenient!

- 45 minutes to get into suborbital heights, at age,... what?... 70? nice!.

- 3 minutes of weightlessness...... priceless!

Congrats indeed, Sir! It's on my bucket-list too :-)

What would possible be even better? Why,.... Dogwaffle in space, of course!

Please consider taking along the last remaining original shrink wrapped copy of project Dogwaffle into space next time.
This shrink-wrapped version was produced by a british partner long ago. Do it for fun, do it in support of other great minds!

And that's a wrap for now.
Thanks again for waffling and howling!   And be safe, stay healthy.

Team Dogwaffle


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