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  Happy July 4th - PD Howler 2023 (version 16) is here!


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New tutorials and Videos

Here's a tutorial for you from Immortal Moments Art on YouTube:

PD Howler Basics: Customize Your Workspace - Fast and Easy - Part 1

watch it here:

PD Howler 2023 has changed a few things from previous versions. So I'm doing a multi-part series of the basics to get you up to speed with this awesome painting, animating and rendering art software. This tutorial will get you started with making your workspace more comfortable and easy to use for you!

And others also from Immortal Moments Art:

PD Howler Basics - How to Create 3d Landscapes in PuppyRay

There are plenty more to explore and learn from, about PD Howler but also other tools which you might enjoy too, or perhaps you're already using some of them.

More tutorials and videos from us too - look for recent additions here:

Introducing Howler 2023:

Puppyray Renderings:

Happy 4th of July - PD Howler 2023 is on sale!

We have now launched the new PD Howler version 16, also known as Howler 2023. It has been available for pre-orders for a few months and final initial buiild 18 a few weeks ago at, where you can still also get it directly from the developer, Dan Ritchie. He occasionally offers extra discounts, so if you are price-sensitive (and who isn't these days?), be sure to check there too.

As for our promotional offer at, we're offering a 40% discount off our regular price. That regular price has come down a notch too. So you'll get it for about $35 with that launch promo - no discount coupon needed. The discount is automagically applied through the end of the month of July.

>>> Order PD Howler 2023 here:


Free updates?

The current released build is build 0018. There will be free updates, a few subsequent builds have already be seen and in testing/evaluation. You'll get notified when there are free updates. If you want to see what's coming, follow the Captain's Log at

In the Captain's Log, Dan summarizes what was added on a particular day or build. Not all builds turn into a release, but every once in a while, a new release will come out and you'll know what's been added by reading the captain's log.

Upgrade Coupon?

If you had an earlier version such as Howler 2022 or earlier or PD Artist or PD Particles, you can use a discount coupon for even better discount. Contact Philip at if you need your discount code resent.

The Dogwaffler of the Moment:  Tiffanie Gray - aka Dakorillon - aka Immortal Moments Art