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  PD Artist 2023 (version 16) is here!


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Animated Clouds

As you may know, the difference between PD Howler and PD Artist is that PD Howler includes tools for animating and working with video clips, such as frame by frame painted animation or applying motion estimated interpolation on videos to make them go slower or last longer, and stabilizing and more. Many Filters can be applied to a single frame or the entire frame sequence. And the Timeline editor also lets you keyframe the parameters of many  filters to add changes to the filter's effects.

PD Howler can animate many features of PuppyRay landscape rendering, 3D Designer and also the new Sky filter.

Here is one recently created in PD Howler:

Introducing PD Artist 2023 (v16, Build 44)

The full incarnation of Project Dogwaffle is of course PD Howler. But we do have a lighter version too, at lower cost, perfect for you if you're on a tighter budget and don't want to pay for things you won't likely use, i.e. if you're not doing animations/videos. You might start with PD Artist, and if anything changes regarding your needs for animation, you could upgrade later. Sometimes you might do that just for the extra filters too. Or ability to do a few renderings automatically and pick the one you like best.

PD Artist 2023 is now available, with build 44.

Note: PD Howler is now also at build 44. (remember: we first build Howler, then make a subset of it into Artist).

You can see the same introductory discount of 40% applied to PD Artist as we recently announced for PD Howler.

Normal price for PD Artist 2023 through our BMTmicro secure online store is $39. With the discount, it's just around $23-$24

You may also want to compare with Dan's direct sales at - sometimes a similar deal can be had for Howler!

>>> Order PD Howler 2023 or PD Artist 2023 here:

Both are now at build 0044 - if you already had PD Howler build 18 you will receive new download links in coming days.

More updates?

The current release is build #0044 for both PD Artist 2023 and PD Howler 2023. There will likely be free updates, a few subsequent builds have already be seen and in testing/evaluation. You'll get notified when there are free updates. If you want to see what's coming, follow the Captain's Log at
In the Captain's Log, Dan summarizes what was added on a particular day or build. Not all builds turn into a release, but every once in a while, a new release will come out and you'll know what's been added by reading the captain's log.

Discount Coupon?

The 40% discount is automatic and you won't need a discount code, but: If you had an earlier version such as Howler 2022 or earlier version of PD Artist or PD Particles, or even way older versions, from us or on Steam at through Daz, you can use a discount coupon for even better discount of 50% off the regular price. Contact Philip at if you need your discount code resent.

Free Demo / Trial?

We have now also released a Demo version from the same build 44. It is for Howler 2023.

The Dogwaffler of t he Moment:  Kathleen Browning aka "Drawsattention"

When I scroll through the many past artists who have used PD Artist or PD Howler, I see a big variety of styles and use cases. Some folks have created the artwork for a music CD, others created preliminary designs digitally for final artowrk that was meant for traditional, non-digital media such as oil, watercolor or such.

For some, art and especially digital art has become and escape and medicine, perhaps more affordable than the traditional media with costly canvas, occasional spills and funny fumes.

Such is the case of this artist going by "drawsattention", aka Kathleen Browning, who has Arnold Chiari Malformation and a broken neck.

Even so, she's been able to create enjoyable artwork, some of which became part of a video game.