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  Happy Spooky Halloween! ... and then some



The latest release is build 58 (!) -
as of mid October 2022

We have released build #58 for both PD Howler and PD Artist! You should have received an email notification by now if you already own version 16 (aka 2023).
Contact Phil if you ordered it through the BMTmicro store, or contact Dan if you ordered from him at and paid via Paypal.

Find Dan or Phil here:

Howler 2023 - More about PD Howler here
Artist 2023 - More about PD Artist here

What else is new in this newsletter?

Thanks again for waffling and howling! Be safe, stay healthy, and always creative.

Team Dogwaffle

Tutorials & Videos

    Reminder:  has a huge number of free tutorials and video samples

    Also look at  for more

   Instead of listing some new or recent videos, we thought we'd do the unthinkable - time travel
   Back into the past, that is.
   Here's a video that's on topic for Halloween - working with animated resources in MNG format for animated stickers.
   This tutorials uses the GIMP and Howler together.
   GIMP and Dogwaffle - How to save MNG animations for iTranslate stickers
   Also on topic with more pumpkins:
   fun with 3D pumpkins and layer blending  (from November 2018)
   Killer Pumpkins   (from  August 2021)
    Looking for sample pumpkins? Check John Pelico's Killer Pumpkins:


Added: a few more new videos:

New in Build 58! Fill tool: now with Continuous Mode!

Got a QR code? Turn it into a 3D landscape. Yopur QR code is the Elevation map

Come back soon for a tutorial on the above.

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October is Spooky Halloween Promotional Sale Month

We're having a 59% automatic discount on PD Artist and PD Howler.

* No code needed, discount applied automa'gically during checkout

* Expires the day after trick-or-treating. Consider this the treat ;-)

* Pay only around $24 and change and tax or VAT in some regions - regular price for Howler 2023 is $59

* Similar discounts for PD Artist 2023 - get it for less than $16

* Can't go with the latest releases of Howler 2023? Start with 2022 edition at similar discount.

- PD Artist 2022 for less than $8 (!)
- PD Howler 2022 for just $14.35 (instead of $34.99)

Order here:

Use it to draw and paint some special pumkpins. See above for some ideas.

Learn more about PD Artist:

Learn more about PD Howler:

Note: if you own an earlier version, even if you only downloaded the free versions long ago, you can get a coupon for 50% off the regular price. But this promo is even better for the month of October. Contact us though if you wish to have a discount code to order later.

You can also get Howler directly from the developer, Dan Ritchie, at:

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Creative Times are Here!

Looking for a gift to yourself or for a friend/family member for the holidays?

Here's a picture you may have seen, painted in Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler by the creator and programmer himself, Dan Ritchie

This and others are available as prints and on other media (pillows, tote bags, coffee mugs, serving trays, bath mats, bar stools, crew necks, fanny pack, wall tapestry (!), and more ...) here:

Easy to remember, but still, please bookmark it, you'll be glad you did when you need something new and different for a special gift.

If you ever felt you'd like to support a lesser known starving artist, now's the time :-)

Princedom of the Hill

This image features Silver Squirrel and Pillow Rabbit.

Silver added Pillow to his family as a service animal to help him with a disability.

The deer are Margaret Mayflower and Milton Meadows.

Margaret is an itinerant judge and member of the Court of Animals. Milton agreed to assist her after she was injured at the Battle of the Flee Market in "Sky Full of Rabbits."

Together they are on their way to Deer City, a.k.a The Princedom of the Hill, which is also the name of the book.

Amazing deal: 2 for the price of 1 ?
You could see if you could get a print of Pillow Rabbit, on a throw pillow: You get two pillows for the price of one :-)

Who is Silver Squirrel?
Silver is of course the long-time hero and protagonist of the Silver Squirrel series, written by Dan Ritchie, which you can see here:



Just One More: What's Coming Soon?

Here's a sneak peek at some developments currently being developped.

The RYB Panel is gaining the ability to be scaled.

This will be very handy when you start using high-resolution screens.

You may have used the post-adjustment capability before. It was introduced quite a while ago. You select it from the menu:

View > Post adjustment...

It has so far been applied to the Curve tool, allowing the curve's appearance (size and colors) to change along the path. Soon we're also allowing it to affect lines drawn in other tools:

- regular brush strokes
- Line tool
- Rectangle tool
- Oval (ellipses) tool
- and of course still also the original, the Curve tool

You can select which one of these tools get affected by the post adjustment setting simply by checking the desired tool with its checkbox.

Here's an example of the simplest results (size control only). You could also have the gradient applied along the curves!

Have a safe and happy month of October and Halloween!

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