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Hello dear fellow wafflers and howlers.

cactus scene
              with Gamut masking color effect

 ^ Gamut masking was used to constrain the colors in painting this scene

It's that time of the year again. Colorful trees went from fiery yellow and red to brown and without leaves, Winter is coming. The months of hot summer days is but a distant memory. We're seeing the price of traditional turkey dinners doubled or tripled, no thanks in part to the bird flu.

It's nevertheless a good time, just like any day, to be thankful, for even the smallest little blessings we may gather. Seeing the wars and fragility of it all out there, it's great to nevertheless be here, part of this journey. We're seeing timid attempts to get back to the Moon. We see progress in fusion energy, and beyond beyond EV Lithium batteries perhaps a future with hydrogen fuel? Sadly we also see constant reminders of the level of pollution in the oceans and many other places.

And, we're seeing AI, Artificial Intelligence, making more and more inroads into new areas. One that we have witnessed in recent months is AI driven art programs, rendering fancy images based on your textual description of what's to be seen in the scene. A few seconds later, voilĂ !

Some artists feel threatened, others rejoice. Graphic designers may see it as a threat to their careers, others embrace it as a new tool, upon which you can further explore, combine it with your own brush strokes, composite it with something your very own.

If you follow Dan Ritchie on Facebook you'll see him create lots of interesting renders in this fashion, some plain out of the AI proghram(s), others with post work and edits, perhaps to just paint a few particle-brush based pieces of foliage in the foreground, grass and bushes and trees etc... Or perhaps to through it into an animation, add some snow fall or sunset or animated clouds in the back. The possibilities are still endless. Enjoy!

Here's what's new.

Here we go:


New tutorials and Videos


 * Fill tool - now with Continuous Mode

 * Gamut Masking on Color Wheel

 * Gamut 01

 * Intro to Envelopes for post processing with brush strokes, lines, rectangles, curves and other tools

 * More limited palettes - color theory in Dogwaffle

 * What's new with Fractals - PD Howler's Fractal Filter has evolved


A Brief Summary of What's New in Howler 2023


 Howler 2023 is here!  Get it now!

What's new
 - New painters color wheel
 - Gamut masking
 - Improved floating color picker
 - New color reticles
 - Post correction curves for lines, rectangles, ellipses, curves
 - New 1-3 point perspective guides
 - Dark mode support in Windows 11
 - New undo browser
 - New sky rendering filter with volume clouds
 - Continuous paint fill mode
 - Lasso paint fill mde
 - Select you preferred accelerator card
 - New noise tool and open simplex noise
 - New frame blending tool
 - New Mandelbrot and Julia set exploration features
 - Auto keyframes in timeline
 - GUI improvements.  New combo box control
 - Updated Europa filter, Lorenz attractors, and lots more.

Recent improvements (some in late 2022 releases too)

 - New rewritten warp mesh
 - Rewritten floating color picker
 - New halo-free tone mapping
 - Centrepital and chordal parameters for curves
 - New paper layers
 - Streamlined Media Browser
 - Browse all brush sets at the same time
 - Analytical Upscale super-resolution
 - Non-local-means filter and CLAHE
 - Feather the selection
 - Substantial performance improvements
 - Export H264 and WMV video formats.
 - Auto-magic blemish / feature removal

You can read more about it here:

We also have a Captain's Log, showing the timeline of developments and releases, see it at


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Another Promotion by Dan Ritchie, the author of Howler


Dan also has a special offer, if you'd like to support the developer directly, please order through his website here:

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Similar goodies for upgrades or PD Artist 2023. Check his website before the holidays are over.


This Just in: a Blog/Review at The Art Squirrel


There's a new multi-part blog series here:

Happy reading!


 Thanks for waffling and howling, and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving week!
 Team Dogwaffle

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