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  Mid-January 2023


  Read more about it online at

  Did you try the new brushes yet?

Here we go: (not necessarily in the same order)


The mid-January Super Sale


Inflation is a bad reality for many of us: food, natural gas for heating, electricity and many other items we want or need.  To help a little, we're running a special promotion from now through the end of January.

Save 55% off the regular price of PD Howler or PD Artist

This is an automagic discount, no discount code needed. It will however expire on January 31st.

Order here:

>>> order PD Howler 2023 or PD Artist 2023 to get the discount.


New Builds (#71) for PD Howler 2023 and PD Artist 2023


We have new builds #71 coming for both PD Howler 2023 and PD Artist 2023

If you're already using either of these, you should soon be seeing an email with the new downlaod available to you.

Upgrading to Howler if you have Artist - get 44% off
If you have the Artist edition, this is a good time to upgrade to Howler. Use this discount code:


This will get you a discount of 44% off the regular price to grab PD Howler 2023.
There is no expiration date for this coupon. You can use it to upgrade to Howler from erlier versions of Howler as well as from Artist editions.

Order here
   and select PD Howler 2023 and then don't forget to enter the above-mentioned code.




Howler 2023 is now also available on Steam at


We are very pleased to announce the released of Howler 2023 on Steam.  It's taken a long time to get to this point, in part because of COVID and RSV, but we are finally here. Happy to say that all  involved made it. 

You can see Howler 2023 here:

You may recall that we had earlier versions, including Howler 2021, but had skipped version 2022 (v15) on Steam. Now we have re-released version 16 aka PD Howler 2023.

For more about our release on Steam check this starter page:
We're also (significatly!) dropping the price of earlier versions still found on Steam. Great way to test the waters until you get your tax refund ;-)
You may also want to check the developer's website directly, as he's been running special promotions here:

These little sales really help support development directly, so if you already have Howler, then please let your friends know. If you play video games on Steam, you may see mentions in curator's pages, and on Twitch streams.

Also of note is that we have several new videos on our Youtube channel including how to paint lava and how to view OBJ 3d geometry files in Howler.

Now, we invite you to join us on our Facebook page and get in direct contact with us and users to see the latest news and art in Howler.


New tutorials and Videos


Painting Progress (short animation through several stages)

Racoon painting progress (short animation through several stages)

Quick notes:  OBJ files for 3D, and fixing a bad frame inside an animation

Tunnel vision, and Blended vs. Refracted Water, and both together.

Dark Water

LAVA - painted Rocks in a Hot Spot

Welcome back to PD Howler on Steam!

New Brushes for Xmas 2022

What's new in Fractals?



Artstation, anyone?


Do you have an account on Artstation? Do you show your art?

There are a few samples of Dan's artwork  here:

We would love to see yours, perhaps you'll join the Facebook group and post there too?


What is your OBJ'ection?


PD Howler and Artist do support 3D content in several ways. There's the 3D Designer, for creating elevation maps with erosions and sediments. It also exports it to the 3D Wavefront OBJ format as a set of triangles with color per vertex and/or u,v texture mapping addresses, so you can load it into your other favorite 3D tools such as Blender or Carrara, even Photoshop.

You can of course also work from the elevation map. For example to take that into Bryce.

If you need quick rendering, 3D Designer may be good enough for your needs win some cases: