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  PD Howler 2024 is Here!
      Save 40% for Memorial Day!


Hello again! We have great news.

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PD Howler 2024 is now available at too  with BMTmicro for ordering

Read all about it here:

Full regular price:  $79

Promotional Discount: 40% off regular - automagic. No discount code needed.

Note that this expires around 10 days after Memorial Day.  (June 10 ish)

If you have your 50% discount code for upgrading from any prior versions, use it.

If you should have a code but don't have it handy, use this:   50MMXX4

Order here:



   - New Videos & Tutorials

Keep looking for new or recent videos in our youtube channel:
Recently we added more examples of using the new OBJ loader for 3D work.


  - LBNL - Last But Not Least: Learning from the Pros ?

We recently taught intro and advanced waffling and howling with PD Howler 2023 (see ) and thought it was rather well received.

So we thought maybe we should offer additional learning opportunities.

Would you like to take a deep dive into what's new, and learn from mini projects?

This is an online class (Steam, Zoom, Skype, others with Screensharing).   We can teach it individually or in small groups.

Pricing:  $50/hour. 2 hours minimum, and 1 free hour for each paid hour. Example: buy 2 hours and get 4 total hours. These can and likely will be spread over several days, TBD, such as 2 hours per Satursday.

For each additional user attending, there's a $5 discount. Bring extra attendees. For example if you bring3 more attendees, and we have total of 4 students attending, each pays just $35/hour. (up to a max of 8 users, when the cost is $15/hr

# Participants
Cost per hour

Interested to explore? Curious? If you have any questions, contact Phil at

The classes will be taught by Philip Staiger and there may(!) occasionally be guest appearances by Dan Ritchie (the captain from Captain's Log :-)  )  or Tiffanie Gray and/or other VIP members of the beta testers.
The classes will be taught on an online tool like Zoom or Skype, Teams or similar TBD.
The topic of the classes will be heavily influenced by the requests and interests of the attendees. Tell us what you want to see or do and we'll try to find a way to make it so.

Thank you for waffling and howling!!
Team Dogwaffle


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