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PD Howler 2024 build #45 make that #47! now available - save 45% through the 4th of July

Read all about it here:  >>> read the Captain's Log (!)

Full regular price:  $79

Promotional Discount:
45% off regular - automagic. No discount code needed.
Note that this promo expires the day after July 4 - US Independence Day

Even Better?
If you have your 50% discount code for upgrading from any prior versions, use it.

Order here:

Start exploring the universe of 3D, 2D, animation and video:



   - New Videos & Tutorials
Keep looking for new or recent videos in our youtube channel:
Here are recent tutorials and videos:

Fun with the text typing tool - the preview

3-D Progress opn Memorial Day - update on the 3D PBR pipeline

Scale - making it (seemingly) bigger   (what you can do with temperature controls)

Where are you, Dave? more new Text Typing tool examples.

Osprey at Miramar

3D progress - update June 9

Explosions cloud 01 - created with Worley Noise

Explosions with extra flares, zoom and extra motion

Explosions - Stealth Osprey dropping a bucket of guano


   LBNL - Last but not Least

We have been developing a newer, improved parser for OBJ/MTL files. We're also implementing a Physics Based Renderer (PBR).

Try it out - it's free! The evolving OBJ loader/viewer with PBR (coming soon)

If you don't have the latest Howler but want to follow this ongoing development, we make this available as a free standalone tool. In fact even if you do have the latest, you'll find gradually some updates there not yet released to Howler. Or you might be curious about the speed on another PC, with another processor, faster RM, GPU etc...-  - stay tuned for more in coming weeks and months.

Check the details in the downloads/free trial/demo section at

How to recover animations after a crash

Stored images are usually recovered but how about stored animations?

You can go to the Animation menu and Open a DWA animation, but will you remember where they were? Where is the Temp folder used by your installation of Howler? If you're on Steam, it might be a different location yet than the default straight installation's Temp folder.

A new feature will be seen if or when you experience a crash. The Temp folder can now be accessed from the splash screen you see when restarting PD Howler. This gives you quick access to the various files such as 'uNDO' (.ndo) files, and also '.dwa' files (DogWaffle Animation)

Thank you for waffling and howling!!
Team Dogwaffle


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