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  PD Howler 2024 is at Build 61  -  and we're not Stopping!
      Save 40% for Comic-Con Summer Sizzle! Extended!

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PD Howler 2024 build #61 and counting................  save 40% through Comic-Con!


Full regular price:  $79

Discount applied automagically. No code needed.
If you have a prior version you can use your discount code for even better savings to upgrade with 50% off.
Contact Phil if you don't have your code.

  Extended!  This will not end right after Comic-Con, we'll run this through end of July!

Order here:

Start exploring the universe of 3D, 2D, animation and video:


You will find several products/versions on sale - PD Howler of course, but also the lighter edition without animation tools (apart of animbrushes), PD Artist. EVen PD Particles. And both versions 2024 and 2023 are on sale. Pick what fits your budget and have a go at having some cool fun creating winter landscapes or hot deserts and Martian sceneries.

You can also order from Dan directly at

New Howler 2024 build 61

What's new:  (recently added to PD Howler 2024 - check the Captain's Log for more samples and extra details!)

  •     Automatically reload stored animations after a crash (you could reload them from Temp folder manually too but this saves lots of time!)
  •     New (much enhanced) text tool
  •     Full word processing capability - spell check your messages too
  •     Mixed formatting, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, super/subscript, alignment
  •     Special Characters (copyright, trademark etc...)
  •     Search
  •     Load gif animations (you could already save your anims as animgif, now you can also import them)
  •     Spell check in the text tool with error highlighting
  •     Fixed a color bug in text rendering
  •     view the frame number in a stored animation - see how many there are if you want to match framecounts, merge with brushes etc...
  •     Some context options for OBJ files in the geometry renderer. We're continuing to improve the PBR viewer and parser.
  •     Open OBJ files with default tool or Notepad - this gives quick access to the OBJ to see what's missing if some materials don't seem to come through.
  •     Fixed possible crash in color mixer
  •     check the Captain's Log for more samples and extra details!)

Text Tool PM

New 64-bit 3D PBR Object (OBJ) viewer available

Dan's urrently taking a break from heavy development to recover from time in the hospital.  We were at the point that we can release our stand alone 3D OBJ file viewer with support for standard and PBR materials.  See below for your download. We'll continue this journey when we're in a better spot to do so. For now, enjoy the existing standalone tool, try it with your own created OBJ files?

In addition to standard materials, the new viewer already supports:
  • Metalness
  • Roughness
  • Ao map
  • Clip-map
  • Normal-map
  • And more...

3D Development has made progress and will Continue...

As you may have read, we're on a mission to create a great OBJ loader (what other formats do you need? STL? ) - and we're pairing it with the development of a new renderer in several phases. This will have Physics Based Rendering (PBR) and run partly on CPU and parts on GPU.

Here is a new video that gives some insights, a brief status report:

Ready for Techno Geek?
The new renderer is an instance-based bucket rasterizer designed to keep as many cores fully saturated as possible before passing final shading off to the GPU.  The rasterizer splits and sorts triangles into screen buckets and renders them each on their own thread.

From here, texturing is completed and everything is passed to the GPU for GGX based shading, which is much more realistic and physically based than standard lambert shading.  Future versions could move shading onto the GPU to take advantage of shader units, but having our own software shader is forward looking... As long as there's something we haven't tried yet, we know we're on a mission ;-)

We're looking at this with an eye toward the future... raytracing, pathtracing, and all that...  That's why we're taking our time and doing it right from the ground up.

If that all sounds good to you, remember that we are doing most of this without a paycheck. We REALLY only do this because we love it.  Will you find a way to help, promote, tweet and stream about it? We're on Steam too, just not this latest version, but there's an audience in many areas. There is something you can do, though.  You can let others know about us.  Or you can buy one or more of our tutorials on TheBest3D, or just send us some pizza money.  We love pizza way more than hunger!

Howler 2024 users:  You know the drill, reply for your download if you got your Howler 2024 from Dan at  --  See below for your OBJ viewer download.

And the rest:

Howler 2024 is currently at build 61

If you are a pre-paid customer and your machine does not support AVX registers, a legacy build is available for you.  You know the drill. Just let Dan know.

Download the free 3-D OBJ viewer:

Also available here:


   - New Videos & Tutorials
Keep looking for new or recent videos in our youtube channel:
Here are recent tutorials and videos:

In case you missed it earlier in this page: quick status update about our PBR (Physics Based Rendering)

See other recent updates info in this video:
What's new in Howler 2024

3D update:
Here's a brief update from Dan about the implementation of his rasterizer for physics based rendering, to be followed later this year with raytracing and integration into PD Howler. Eventually on GPU. These tests already are showing on GPU, not a high-end monster system by any means, but already nicely fast. Stay tuned for more, and please ...

..... because  I'm already in.
This tool is meant to save you time at something that could have been rather time consuming in the 1960s and 70s. Even...

Other Noteworthies:

Using Poisson blending to remove features even at image edges

Fun with the text typing tool - the preview

3-D Progress opn Memorial Day - update on the 3D PBR pipeline

Scale - making it (seemingly) bigger   (what you can do with temperature controls)

Where are you, Dave? more new Text Typing tool examples.

Osprey at Miramar

3D progress - update June 9

Explosions cloud 01 - created with Worley Noise

Explosions with extra flares, zoom and extra motion

Explosions - Stealth Osprey dropping a bucket of guano


   Try Howler 2022 for free - and keep it?

  Yes, Dan is giving away Howler 2022 for free. Try it, use it, for home or commercially, and if you can, get the upgrade to Howler 2023 or 2024, or consider sponsoring Dan.

Try the demo version of Howler 2024, or stay with the free 2022 edition first:


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