The Dogwaffler of the Moment (DOTM) - our sporadic newsletter about PD Howler and PD Artist.

  PD Howler 2024 - Happy Labor Day
      50% off for the long weekend!


Hello again! We have more great news.

A lot has happened in recent weeks. We have numerous improvements in the OBJ parser and PBR viewer / renderer with it.

Physics Based Rendering:

Coming soon: Free and Paid Tutorial at

Check details here:

Don't miss it:
  Sunday September 10 @ 8:00 pm 9:30 pm BST  (around Noon on the pacific West coast, check if DSST is still on?)

You'll see what's new in recent releases, such as PD Howler 2021, 2022, 2023 and of course the ongoing 2024 release.

Some of the topics covered / up for discussion  (subject to change / attendee input welcome)

- 2021: Quick look at the CLAHE filter

- 2022: the Media browser, improved.

- 2022: painting foliage with special brushes and features

- 2023: the new Sky filter

  the new sky filter - volumetric, animated,
              casting shadows

- 2024: Loading and rendering Wavefront OBJ files with Physics Based Rendering  (PBR)