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issue #2, May 2005

Welcome! Benvenido!
Welcome to The Dogwaffler of the Moment - a sporadic newsletter with bits of news from the developers of Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro. We will occasionally have something noteworthy to share with you. It may not necessarily be about Project Dogwaffle alone, but relate to it through the greater good and fine arts.
This email is sent in text only to reduce download times for those with slow connections. If you'd like to see the full version with the images, visit
In this issue:
- new Plugin "Gertrudis" plugin for Dogwaffle
- PD Pro v3.1 update
- new tutorials
- Tablet woes?
- doggybag #3 for free Dogwaffle 1.2
- Reviews
- spotlight on a DOTM
- contest: the Tornado Chase Art Contest
- who has time to read?
- updated help files
- a final word
- addendum - save 60% through July 4 when you buy Project Dogwaffle 2.1
back to PD Pro

1) New "Gertrudis" Plugin for Dogwaffle
Hola amigos! Here's a software developer from Argentina: Enrique Nieloud. His image enhancement software
'Gertrudis' has been available as a standalone program for a while. Enrique has now ported it into a plugin for Project Dogwaffle. With Gertrudis, turning a digital photo into a hand-sketched look is a snap.
This is the first time that a third party developer has developed a commercial plugin for Dogwaffle, so we're very excited about this. It works even with the free version of Dogwaffle, v1.2. The Gertrudis plugin is available from  - check the examples.
Other examples of what can easily be done with Gertrudis for Dogwaffle are at
The press release with more info can be found at
Y ahora en el idioma del mundo:

Gertrudis PS es un programa que te permitirá convertir en dibujos a tus fotos favoritas. Logrando una apariencia realmente natural.

Básicamente el programa trabaja con dos imágenes: La original y La imagen destino. Al cargar una imagen Gertrudis PS hará un análisis exhaustivo de la imagen original para obtener características importantes que permitirán hacer la transferencia a la imagen destino, estas características son la dirección ó flujo de los trazos, así como también la referencia tonal.

Gertrudis PS ofrece tres herramientas para realizar el dibujo, la herramienta de Autosketch, la herramienta de patrones (pattern tool) y la herramienta de mano alzada (free hand tool). La herramienta más destacada es la herramienta de autosketch ya que permite realizar los trazos de una forma semi-automática.

Finalmente podemos agregar que Gertrudis PS posee la importante característica de permitir exportar tus dibujos como postscript, lo cual los hace independientes de la resolución. Esto significa que podemos obtener impresiones gigantes sin que resulten en imágenes pixeladas."



2) PD Pro v3.1 Update for Users of v3.0
If you use PD Pro v3 it's time to get the free update, version 3.1. If not... what are you waiting for?
The free update patch of version 3.1 includes:
  •  Improved: Pasting a brush from the clipboard is now much faster.
  •  New histogram panel.
  •  various new keyboard shortcuts for improved productivity
  •  make loopable animations (!)
  •  save animated brushes to image sequences
  •  updated browser now caches thumbnails for improved speed
  •  batch processing
and a few bug fixes and other improvements. For a complete list visit
The free 3.1 update patch for users of v3.0 is available for downloading at


3) New Tutorials
Have you seen the latest tutorials?
  • making planetary bodies with the Spherize tool
  • using Gertrudis for Dogwaffle
  • Painting uv texture maps for 3D (several tutorials)
  • making seamless textures
  • making loopable animations
  • animated backgrounds
and more


4) Tablet Woes?
Do you have a tablet that works with other software but doesn't seem to recognize pressure when used with Dogwaffle? There may be a simple fix: perhaps you just need to install a copy of the runtime library, VBTablet.dll, into your C:\Windows\System32 folder. You can learn more about this at


5) Doggybag #3 for free Dogwaffle v1.2
The Spherize plugin was not originally part of the effects available with the free version 1.2. We've decided to make it available with the doggybag #3. The planet texture tutorials show how to use it.



6) Reviews
There have been a few reviews in recent weeks, including one from  by Mario Georgiou and  another for Planit3D by Damsel aka Kathie Berry. An Italian shareware download site, Punto Informatico, also had a few very nice things to say. And COmplex Minds gave PD Pro 3 a 5-star rating.
You can read these and other reviews at


7) Spotlight on a DOTM
Actually, several DOTM's this time: three recent additions to the Dogwaffler of the Moment....
  • Jennifer Goss aka NewmoonStudios, of Bellevue, Washington
  • Dave Garlick aka Frogdot, of Southern California
  • theGamesWorks, a game developer from Malaysia

More are in the works, so be sure to visit the DOTM page:
Other artists send regularly send us words of praise and thanks. You can see new testimonials at

8) contest: the Tornado Chase Art Contest
And last but not least, there's about 4 weeks left to the deadline of our current contest. Paint a tornado or massive thunderstrom. We call it the Tornado Chaser Art Contest:
You can participate with other software, even 3D animation software, or even with hand-painted media. Good luck!


9) Who has time to Read?
If you still find time to read in this busy, hectic world, then you might enjoy reading Silver Squirrel, the novel written by none other than Dan Ritchie, author of Project Dogwaffle. Learn more about this great novel which has received great praises from several reviewers:
When you order this book, remember that you help support the creator of your favorite paint software. Perhaps we should have a squirrel painting contest next?

You can learn more and order Silver Squirrel for about $5 in electronic form or about $12 on paperback at Author House

Silver Squirrel, the novel

10) Updated Help Files
Dan Ritchie keeps updating the Help files (PDHelp), which has by now grown to a remarkably detailed set of tips and tricks in the spirit of a user guide, with many how-to insight information. It's a valuable resource for those who are getting started and learning Dogwaffle, as well as for those who want to learn more.
We also offer two tutorial collections for sale for a small fee:
See for more tutorials


A final word...
Thank you very much for supporting us and for using Project Dogwaffle. We can use all the help we can get from loyal and enthusiastic users like yourself. Be sure to share your art creations with others and to talk about Dogwaffle. Your feedback and testimonial makes all the difference. And remember, if you have an aunt or mom who's the artsy type,....

Happy Waffling for Mother's Day!


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