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issue #20 - July 2011
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Hello wafflers, and hello howlers, and digital artists and users of Project Dogwaffle digital painting and animation - here's another sporadic issue of our newsletter about all things that carry pixels, digital painting and animation with Project Dogwaffle and other - mostly related - 2D&3D Graphics tools & topics.

  1. A new Forum for Dogwaffle

  2. Tutorials and Articles at Wikihow
  3. Special Promos: Comicon and crazy times

  4. NEW TUTORIALS:  Das Daily (ueber)Dosen

  5. Video Effects by Pixelan: AnyFX for PD on sale

  6. A (very) Cool Creative Bundle

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Symmetrical Painting
with PD Howler:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

A new Forum for Dogwaffle

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Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!
PD Particles - $19

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Teresa Trimm has announced the creation of a new forum for PD Pro and PD Howler. The main forum at yahoogroups continues as before, but if you're not a member there yet, and you're looking for a style that's more in line with other forums, maybe this is for you. Check it out, and participate, comment, provide feedback! 

"Teresa who?" you ask?..... Teresa Trimm is a contributing member at Wikihow. She's written numerous articles on various graphic arts tools and other topics too. She's also written a great number of how-to tutorials for users of Project Dogwaffle, from the free version all the way to PD Howler, the new name for PD Pro 6 - because it's howling fast!

Read more about what she does at Wikihow, below...

what's new in PD Pro 5

Tutorials and Articles at Wikihow

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  As mentioned above, Teresa Trimm writes articles, how-to tutorials, step-by-step guides on numerous topics, and they get posted on Wikihow. She's written many articles on PD Pro / PD Howler and some of them have been featured on the front page at Wikihow.

Check it out  >>>

 Use their search box to find 'Dogwaffle'. Here are just a few examples:

and there are many more... There are dozens of links showing up when you search, many of them to Wikihow articles



Special Promos: Comicon and crazy times

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We have launched two promotions this month. For details, look here. Below are a few short summaries.

The Crazy Special:
PD Pro 3.5 is offered at just $9 (yes, nine!)

Yes we know, that's crazy. Even if only for a limited time. But so are the reps in Washington who are wasting time and money. Hey, if this country can go bankrupt or default, so can we. Except, in our case, it'll benefit a lot of starving artists. We won't get rich on this promo either, but unlike the national debt, this feels right, this feels gooooood!

Learn more here, to see how you can help promote this event on your social media. And please be aware: there's a special treat... if we reach a set target number of sales on this promotion (namely 2000 units), there's a special reward for all: a free upgrade to PD Pro 4!

The COMICON special:
30% off on PD Pro 4, 5 and PD Howler

If you need more power than what PD Pro 3.5/3.6/3.7 has to offer, and you want it now, have a look at these:

Each of these offer a free trial demo in the demozone.

Learn more here:

Special Promos

  nifty texturesz

PD Howler screenshot

Many New Tutorials: Das Daily (ueber)Dosen

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The Daily Doses:
. . .
and many more already and many more to come!

Ok, so this word was totally made up, and influenced by my German/Swiss origins.  But this is true: we are having lots of fun as we're learning to create daily video tutorials, juggling between different PCs based on availability, microphones and other resources like tablets. We've got the art down to a few moments for setup, and generally are done recordning (successfully) within 15-20 minutes. Then starts the long part: editing, adding music, adding titles, images, videos and other elements, and credits, and the occasional shameless plug or honorable promotion of a charity such as, inviting you to join the fight against MS. No, not Microsoft, you silly, Multiple Sclerosis. Join or donate, or help in other ways. The link below is targeting to support the Northern New York chapter, to help a friend and musician who has MS but of course you can donate to any chapter as you prefer.

Now back to the Daily Dose.... see here for the general page where it's all happening on a daily basis: (this link takes you to the newest tutorial)

Here's a really cool example:

Learn more here:

The Daily Dose

also watch this:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

  Video Effects by Pixelan:

AnyFX PD - for Project Dogwaffle

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Some of Pixelan's products are available for many other popular  imaging and video solutions:
Premiere Pro
Premiere Elements
After Effects
Corel Videostudio
Pinnacle Studio
Sony Vegas Pro
Sony Vegas Movie Studio
Windows Movie Maker
Photoshop, any version & Elements

Project Dogwaffle includes many effect fiulters and plugins to do lots of things, from painting, to animation, photo editing to special effects, including some pretty special Holywood-style FX.

There are also some free additional plugins that were developed by other developers, also known as third parties. See a list at 3rdpartyplugins

One of the most recent plugins added to the list is in fact a professional tool for videographers. It's also available for other popular programs such as After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Windows Movie maker and more. It's made by a company called Pixelan, and the product is called AnyFX.

The version of Project Dogwaffle, AnyFX for PD, sells usally for $24. Through the end of July, it is on sale at $19. This is a great value. There are dozens of filters, effects and transitions as well as simulated renderings like snow and rain. We have included a few tutorials on AnyFX in the daily dose tutorials. Here's just one example, using the Rain effect simulator:    (part 2)

To learn more about this great way to enhance your Project Dogwaffle experience, see:

Learn more here:

  Normally $24
on sale in July:
just $19

The Cool Creative Bundle

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Join the fight against MS
hate MS? join the fight
donate to the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Northern New York regional chapter)

PD Pro 4 is being offered with a few other tools for creative artists.

Cool Creative Bundle

This is a bundle called the Cool Creative Bundle, available at

What's in the bundle?

  • PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio (2D Paint)
  • Curvy 3D (a 3D modeler) - includes a plug to PD Pro(!)
  • Genetica 3 Basic (Texture Creation tool)
  • The Works of DJ d'Artagnan (royalty-free music for your multimedia and game projects)
  • Archipelis Designer 2 (3D modeler)
  • Texture Anarchy (as a PS plugin)
  • AnyFX for PD (professional video effects by Pixelan)
  • DAP - Digital Auto Painter - marvellous!
Folks, this is over $650 worth of software (if purchased separately), fully legit, and it's being offered for just $59. This is a great gift for a family member, a young artist who's discovering there's more to computers than Facebook and WOW. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes to two charities. Most importantly, even though these are not the latest versions of these tools, they are fully supported, and you are fully entitles to purchase their respective discounted upgrades to more recent version(s) when available.

In the coming months I hope to show more tutorials that highlight how to work with these great tools, either by themselves, or with Dogwaffle. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you again for your trust and support and for using Project Dogwaffle. We wish you happy  painting, animating, sketching, modeling and sculpting with Project Dogwaffle and any related tools and resources!

-Philip Staiger and Team Dogwaffle - beyond digital painting

Learn more here:

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