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Spooky Halloween?   

      PD Howler 2024 and PD Artist 2024 on sale at 65% off !

          Island statues watching a sunset

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Hello again!
Dan may still be extending his special promo sale at around $15 for PD Howler 2024. Grab it while you can, if you've been thinking about upgrading.

If you wish to support him and the future of Project Dogwaffle, and you want to see more new features added in future developments of PD Howler or PD Artist, please order from Dan Ritchie directly:

We recommend you bookmark this page and check regularly for other offers and promotions. Dan is also (re-)writing books on animal stories, you will want to follow his art on Facebook.

Also check his art Gallery -

Our Sale for Halloween - 65% off our regular price

We're also joining with a discount of 65% off our regular price, for PD Howler 2024 or PD Artist 2024.

There is no promo code needed in this case, the discount is automagic.
It's truly a good time to start using PD Howler 2024:

Much of the new 3D OBJ viewer (with support for with physics based rendering, PBR) is done, but there's still more development planned and more new features to come. You should get a few more free updates within the 2024 release cycles.
You can learn more about Howler 2024 and PBR (Physics based rendering) here:
When you're ready to order, or just curious about just how affordable this great painting and imaging tool has become, please go here:
PD Artist 2024 is also available, at lower cost. It is essentially a subset of the full PD Howler, namely without the tools for animation or working on video frames.

Differences - PD Howler vs. PD Artist edition of Project Dogwaffle


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Here are just a few recent ones:

Thank you for waffling and howling!!
Team Dogwaffle


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