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#201 - Happy Thanksgiving!   


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Hello again!
We've had another few builds, as of now (Nov 19) we're at release build number 80 for PD Howler.

And it's time for the biggest sale this year:

Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday and then some

We're offering a huge discount!

PD Howler 2024 just below $16 ????

For PD Howler, the normal price is $79.

Let's jiggle the numbers just a little, shall we? ....
it's the year 2023. about .... $20.23 ?

How about 20.23 % of the normal which is $79?

That would be $15.98

Ok. Sold!

From now through end of November, we'll offer that discount of 20.23% automagically on PD Howler 2024.
No discount code needed.

Just order it here:

And if that's still a bit more than what you want to spend for yourself, be sure to check the author's offering: Dan Ritchie at may have an even better offer.

PD Artist - on Sale too!
And if that's still above your discretionary budget, you can go with PD Artist 2024, also offerred at same percentage discount - I'll let you do the math, it's around $5 - $6.

Recently added?

There's a new feature for painting with "double-loading". Imagine you want to paint with two colors, not just one, the primary color.

You can have a primary color as well as a secondary color collected into the brush image quite easily now with this trick. In fact, it can grab a whole bunch of pixles of various colors from the image buffer to add to the brush. But this will simplify it to see a starting use case.

Let's say you have a red primary and a yellow secondary color, aka the background color.

Start with erasing the the background color, such as some yellow color.

How paint a small dab of the red primary color with the custom brush:
- open brush settings
- select the Custom tab
- set the size of your brush
- and paint a small dab or blob

Next, look for the new option on that Custom interface:  Double load

Move the cursor close to the red dab you painted just earlier. It will appear in the brush size preview

Click to pick up that mix of both colors.

Now, if you paint with it, both colors will appear as being present in the brush.

It's more apparent if you erase the background to a different color. It also helps to have the brush rotation enabled.

It gets even more interesting when adding a drop-shadow to the brush

It's of course not just a color we're loading, it's pixels from a picture, a portion of the image that's already in the image buffer. It can have many colors, gradients and more already in there. This new mechanism for double loading can make creation of new brushes a simple trick.


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We wish you safe and happy holidays!

And thank you again for waffling and howling!!

Team Dogwaffle


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