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#202 - Happy New Year, and Welcome to Material Properties!   


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Hello again!
There have been just a few updates to Howler but some of it may prove significant to your workflow. Hope you like it.

The latest build as of this writing January 1st is build #87 for PD Howler 2024.

We had double-loading added back in November, and then a few more things in recent days:

Half-tone Painting (new FX brush setting)

This was added in early/mid December. It's a new FX option in Brush settings. Currently applies to brush strokes in paint tool with custom brushes, and with the Linear tool for straight lines.

Here you will find a brief intro tutorial on the halftone painting FX:

Interesting effects creates with halftone brush FX, then using the result as elevation map:

The big one: 
Material Properties in Geometry Viewer

You may have seen some recent tutorials where we tinker with some of the PBR settings to alter the appearance on 3D rendering, such as for giving it more metallic appearance, reflecting the spherical environment map, or giving it more roughness, dispersing that reflection.

Now we have a GUI for that, or at least some of that. You will find a new option in the geometry renderer, that opens a material properties interface.

You can only access it after you've loaded an OBJ object. So, try for example with one of the items in the tTest collection, such as the little dragon. Also be sure to enable one eof the environments, such as one with dirt-brown colors at bottom and blue-sky colors above

Then you can access the Material Properties:

The materials found in the .mtl files will be list to the left. They don't currently show their names, just Material 1, Material 2 etc... if there are more.

Note that it may change the appearance of the current render if you click the  Material. Some of the items on the right size seem to be reset. Might be a bug, we'll see.

You can then make changes to the various items shown:

Here are a few renditions of the same little dragon:

More is needed to make this a really complete solution, but we hope this can already help you in your visual explorations.

Time to upgrade to v17 - Howler 2024 ?

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We wish you a safe and healthy Happy New Year -
And thank you again for waffling and howling!!

Team Dogwaffle


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