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Newsletter #203 - President's Day Special and new Tutorials!


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Hello again!

The latest build of PD Howler 2024 is build #92. Check details at
This is a free update if you've already got Howler 2024

If you have PD Artist 2024, you might want to upgrade to Howler. The builds are more frequent, the testing more thorough.

With Dan having had his laptop stolen however, it may take a while before he's back to coding. Maybe some of the code needs to be re-written. TBD. He's also battling health issues, many of us have had a bad winter experience with the infection in the lungs (RSV), Philip too, it seems like there's some remaining scarring or something's not healing well.

Let's hope for a speedy recovery and restoration of coding ability.

Dan is trying to raise funds for a replacement laptop:

And on Patreon:

creating Story and film

Time to upgrade to v17 - Howler 2024 ?  Save 47% off the regular price!

We're offering a steep discount on regular price of PD Howler 2024 for the next 2 weeks, no discount code needed.

Order PD Howler 2024 there before the end of February and you'll obtain it with a nice discount. What could it possible be, for the President's Day promotional special?  We've had 46 presidents in the USA so far, the next one will be #47. So let's make it a 47% off discount.

Discount: 47% off the regular price
Offer expires March 3rd Sunday
Applies to the following products:

- PD Howler 2024
- PD Artist 2024
- PD Howler 2023
- PD Artist 2023
- PD Particles 9
- various tutorial collections  (including the recently announced new ones - see below for moew)
- 4 hour remote custom training/consulting

Order here:

If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know.

Alternatively, if you prefer to support the developer directly, please order from Dan Ritchie at directly.


Reminder: videos and tutorials on YouTube

Stay up to date on new features here:

Recent additions:

PD Howler Build 87 - First Steps with Material Editor in Geometry Renderer

The Animated Noise Tool

Re-discovering the Noise Tool

And Last but not Least: a new tutorial series that is available for purchase. This is the intro video to a multi-part series:

But wait, there's more!   Boy oh boy, have we been busy or what?!?

And now last but not least, another new tutorial series you can order to learn how to create shooting stars.

Thank you for waffling and howling, have a wonderful and creative rest of February!

Team Dogwaffle


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