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issue #21 - August 2011
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      The Dogwaffler of the Moment #21 - August 2011 - News Blitz!  PD Artist 2 is here


Hello wafflers and howlers, here's another impromptu quick blast with news from Project Dogwaffle.

PDA2 About screen:

                    garde.... paint!

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Symmetrical Painting
with PD Howler:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

For the mathematically inclined?

PD Artist 2 = PD Howler 1

(= PD Pro 6)

minus Animations

= the perfect painting solution

= ;-)

PDA 2 Splash
                Launch... literally

     DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........  PD Artist 2 is here!  (woohoo!)

As you know, PD Howler (aka PD Pro 6) is priced at $159. That may seem a bit steep if you don't care for the animation features, such as painting with video over video, or the Brush Keyframer, the Exposure sheet, the Frame Painter, the Timeline Editor.... etc... . If you only want to paint STILL images (even if with animbrushes), you'll want to spend less, about, say....,... $79?

You got it: PD Artist 2 is exactly that: It's PD Howler, minus the Animations menu. Some filters were changed to remove the anim. Some filkters were removed, they were animated filters.

All in all, it's a great, lean & mean painting machine. It uses the PD Pro 6 engine, same as PD Howler. It's multithreaded. It's a beaut! And if $79 sounds like the right price, how's $54('ish)?  Yes, for a month, through September 18, PD Artist 2 is on launch promo sale! 35% off, right off the board, no discount couon needed.

Learn more:


     Free: the 'Small Update' for PD Howler, and then some

August 2011 - a Small Update

    A few new or updated color well files (*.wl files). If you work a lot with color wells while painting, you'll want to explore these. Here they are:

        Cools and warms.wl
        Earthtones 1.wl
        Earthtones 2.wl
        Earthtones 3.wl
        Fleshy tones 2.wl
        Fleshy tones.wl

    An updated Frame Painter plugin (which is an important tool for animators). You haven't seen the frame painter yet? It goes back to PD Pro 5.1b but it's a free plugin for users of earlier PD Pro as well...  See this general info (free plugin for all PD Pro users) see this tutorial, or this one, or this more recent one

    New plugin: Store Brush as Image Buffer - a quick way to transfer a small part of your image into a stored image by way of first picking it up as a custom brush. This comes in handy when you first create a custom color palette. See it used in this video tutorial

    Look at it as a way to store just a portion of the image buffer, rather than the entire buffer.

Learn more:

    the Daily Dose continues  

We keep recording and posting free videos, they're on youtube at

Or check for a starter link

     PD Pro 3.5 still only $9 till Labor Day  

No longer the latest by far, but still one of the greatest, the first to introduce forcefields on particle brushes (!) and that was what, in 2004? 2005? who's counting... PD Pro 3.5 is just $9 through Labor Day. Pass it around, tell a friend, a starving artist.

And as announced earlier, we'll throw in a v4 update for free, if or when you've ordered 2000 or more units. We're far away from that target though, so get busy blogging, telling, walling, tweeting and posting about this.

     Cool Creative Bundle    

Do you realize that you can get Archipelis 3D for the normal price of $79 on their site, (last time I checked and if memory serves me right), or you can get the exact same version through the cool creative bundle of - for just $59 - along with $600+ of additional software, including PD Pro 4, and including royalty-free music from DJ d'Artagnan?

If that's not a steal of a deal I don't know what is.

Whichever tool or version you use to waffle, howl, draw, sketch, animate or paint - happy Art'ing!

-Team Dogwaffle - beyond digital painting


Samples of
PD Artist (1)
Brush effects:

digital painting brush effects

The Cool Creative Bundle

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PD Pro 4 is being offered with a few other tools for creative artists.

Cool Creative Bundle

This is a bundle called the Cool Creative Bundle, available at

What's in the bundle?

  • PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio (2D Paint)
  • Curvy 3D (a 3D modeler) - includes a plug to PD Pro(!)
  • Genetica 3 Basic (Texture Creation tool)
  • The Works of DJ d'Artagnan (royalty-free music for your multimedia and game projects)
  • Archipelis Designer 2 (3D modeler)
  • Texture Anarchy (as a PS plugin)
  • AnyFX for PD (professional video effects by Pixelan)
  • DAP - Digital Auto Painter - marvellous!
Folks, this is over $650 worth of software (if purchased separately), fully legit, and it's being offered for just $59. This is a great gift for a family member, a young artist who's discovering there's more to computers than Facebook and WOW. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes to two charities. Most importantly, even though these are not the latest versions of these tools, they are fully supported, and you are fully entitles to purchase their respective discounted upgrades to more recent version(s) when available.

In the coming months I hope to show more tutorials that highlight how to work with these great tools, either by themselves, or with Dogwaffle. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you again for your trust and support and for using Project Dogwaffle. We wish you happy  painting, animating, sketching, modeling and sculpting with Project Dogwaffle and any related tools and resources!

-Philip Staiger and Team Dogwaffle - beyond digital painting

Learn more here:

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