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issue #22 - belated September
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Please enjoy this lovely relaxing music by eMaya's Jose Luis Suazo
while reading this
issue of our newsletter:

sobre Agua

(Walking on Water)

by Jose Luis Suazo

Find a lot more relaxing and mediation music here
Perfect for waffling and experimenting with art tools


      The Dogwaffler of the Moment #22 - belated September


Hello wafflers and howlers, dabblers and dreamers.... here's another impromptu, belated and sporadic quick blast with news from Project Dogwaffle and all things related to colorful pixels!

Ok, let's get started...

Last month we announced the second flavor of PD Pro 6-based PD Artist 2. At $79, this is a great bargain, especially when you don't do animations and don't feel like paying $159 for the full PD Pro 6 product that includes animation support, aka PD Howler. (note that it does support animations in the brush - animbrushes - and you can still directly load an AVI file into the custom brush, for example a looping Poser walk sequence to paint across a still image background. Great for those time-snap captures like skateboard or surf board artists!

                  garde.... paint!

However, many of us wafflers are also animators, and we deal more and more with video, so there's an increased need and interest in the features that PD Howler offers over PD Artist 2. Both are based on the same PD Pro 6 core engine. PD Howler just goes further, adding animated filters and the Animation features in the Animation menu: Timeline editor, Frame editing, Brush keyframer, STroke player, Exposure sheet, Frame Painter and many other tools, even support of 3rd-party tools, plugins or add-ons like  from Pixelan: AnyFX for PD.

The 40 - 40 Sale: 

40 days @ 40 percent off

This sale is good for the following products on our BMTmicro store:

#18360018 - PD Howler 1 (Full PD Pro 6) - regular price $159, special offer: $95.40
#18360017 - PD Pro 5.1b - special offer $59.40 (regular $99)
#18360011 - PD Pro 4.0 (with free update to 4.1) -
special offer $29.40 (regular $49)
#18360007 - PD Pro 3.5 (free update to 3.7) -
special offer $17.40 (regular $29)

To make it more reachable and possible for you to waffle at full speed with PD Pro 6, and/or to create animations with Howler or PD Pro 5 or 4, we've launched a special promotion for all products that support animation: The 40-40 sale. Announced 40 days before Halloween, it includes a 40% discount off the full price, good for 40 days. (expiring the day after Halloween which is October 31st).

The Labor Day sale is over.... but the savings and other promo events continue.

beware of the 13th hour - and don't let this one slip away!

                              toc boo 13

the BOOctober 40 Revolution

it's 2011 Halloween Frenzy: 40 days to boo day?
40 days, 40 percent off!

It's time to get animated. If you're looking to go beyond digital painting, if you want to make animations or work with video, look for PD Pro 3/4/5/6 - PD Howler at the top.

40% off coupon good through October 31st Halloween

use this coupon:   

order here: good with purchase of these product IDs:
#18360017  #18360011  #18360007

Already have PD Pro? Use this timeless classic:
add the spooky eerie scary clock - beware of the 13th hour!

To learn more:


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Symmetrical Painting
with PD Howler:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

Want to help kids
who need help?
Support ARTS:

A Reason To Survive

A Reason To Survive

See the
on video at

the Daily Dose!


Curvy 3D presents: A September to Remember
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Now Also on Mac!

Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D v2
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!'s not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...

Special discount coupons available for users of Project Dogwaffle! (ask us)


Need some breathing space? Breathe into a new dimension - breathe into 3D

Now also available on Mac:

(re)Introducing Curvy 3D v2

now for Windows AND Mac too!

(buy one license, install on two OSes)

Curvy 3D version 2 for Windows came out first, now there's a second edition, version 2 for Mac has been shipping for a few weeks.

The version for Windows also has a bridged connection to Project Dogwaffle, allowing you to make changes to images in PD such as bump maps and displacement maps and see them immediately affect the geometry in Curvy when transferred, no need to save and open files.

While the Mac version doesn't enjoy this luxury, it's still a very powerful 3D modeler, and at this price, what's not to like?

If you didn't know: Curvy 3D is being produced by a game developer in the UK named SImon at - you can also learn much about it and especially how to use it with Dogwaffle at our Curvy pages:

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it. I guarantee that if you thought you could never learn, yet alone afford 3D sculpting tools to complement your Dogwaffle art with another dimension, this will prove you wrong, and you'll be happy it does.

The creator of Curvy 3D also develops games, and you will see many models, characters, props and sceneries that were created in his own tools right in his games at Aartform Games:

If you also use other popular tools such as Carrara, Poser, Hexagon, Bryce, DAZstudio and even higher-end products for 3D animation and gamedev, I'm sure that Curvy will be an important part of your design pipeline as soon as you start playing with it.

Note that an earlier version (1.6) of Curvy 3D is also included in the Cool Creative Bundle at

Be sure to show your 3D creations on your forums, blogs and social media connections. It's time to brag -  in 3D!



click here to view videos



CG Arena

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cg arena free e-zine

We've decided to sponsor an online magazine, called CG Arena. This uis a great publication with a wide variety of graphics topics. Be sure to look for it at

and please consider subscribing, participating in forums and providing them with feedback. There's a great e-Zine in the freebies section, and much more to explore and learn.

Over the months, we'll try to add content in form of tutorials there too, so there's sure to be some Dogwaffle exposure too.

cg arena free e-zine

Upcoming Events and Shows

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Here are a few events that might interest you. They're in the San Diego area, however you could plan on attending some of these, which are monthly events, if you ever plan on spending a vacation or a business trip to Southern California.

October 9: The Fashion & Design show:
Thread Show, by Elle Communications

Also October 9: marking the return of a very http://www.sdminicon.compopular swap meet / computer fair, the San Diego Computer Show. Parking is free.
by Paul Martinez

October 16: And by the same organizer  - a monthly event that is 8 years in the making, and nobody seems to know about this best kept little secret: if you can't wait another year for the next San Diego Comicon, you don't have to wait no longer: The San Diego Mini Con is here.
also by Paul Martinez



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These designs...


... will make ....


... your heads spin!


Here's an artist who's recently come across Dogwaffle, though it doesn't show yet. But his 3D art is so stunningly realistic, you can only wonder what will happen when he starts adding particle brushes and other touchups to his already perfect renders:

Shlomi Mallachi ART 3D ===>  SMART3D

Shlomi Mallachi is a self-taught,  long-time user of Amapi 3D for design modeling and has used Bryce and now mostly uses MAXON's Cinema4D for texturing and rendering. He focuses on two specialties: industry styling & design for one, and architectural reconstructions for the other.

See his recent collection of watches, perfume bottles and fancy hats or masks:

Even more amazing: see his wind mills, castles, light houses or vacation retreats and other scenic vistas, usually involving some kind of house or palace. These multi-million (polygons!) homes are breath taking, to say the least. Modeled in Amapi, rendered in Bryce.

His most important project ever, pictured above: reconstructing Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, Germany

NSS_Picture3-270p.jpg  NSS_Picture27m-270p.jpg

modeled in Amapi,
rendered in Bryce


Brighton by the Sea

wind mill

light house

The Cool Creative Bundle

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Join the fight against MS
hate MS?
                            join the fight
donate to the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Northern New York regional chapter)


the Multi-threaded
PD Howler:

PD Pro, howling fast

PD Howler screenshot

nifty texturesz

know your doat
painting the

PD Pro 4 is being offered with a few other tools for creative artists.

Cool Creative Bundle

This is a bundle called the Cool Creative Bundle, available at

What's in the bundle?

  • PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio (2D Paint)
  • Curvy 3D (a 3D modeler) - includes a plug to PD Pro(!)
  • Genetica 3 Basic (Texture Creation tool)
  • The Works of DJ d'Artagnan (royalty-free music for your multimedia and game projects)
  • Archipelis Designer 2 (3D modeler)
  • Texture Anarchy (as a PS plugin)
  • AnyFX for PD (professional video effects by Pixelan)
  • DAP - Digital Auto Painter - marvellous!
Folks, this is over $650 worth of software (if purchased separately), fully legit, and it's being offered for just $59. This is a great gift for a family member, a young artist who's discovering there's more to computers than Facebook and WOW. Plus, a portion of proceeds goes to two charities. Most importantly, even though these are not the latest versions of these tools, they are fully supported, and you are fully entitles to purchase their respective discounted upgrades to more recent version(s) when available.

In the coming months I hope to show more tutorials that highlight how to work with these great tools, either by themselves, or with Dogwaffle. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you again for your trust and support and for using Project Dogwaffle. We wish you happy  painting, animating, sketching, modeling and sculpting with Project Dogwaffle and any related tools and resources!

-Philip Staiger and Team Dogwaffle - beyond digital painting

And you can still  get  PD Particles, PD Artist or PD 2 for free with TrialPay:

Can't afford
PD Particles
at $19?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Particles, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford Project Dogwaffle v2
at $29?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of Project Dogwaffle, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford
PD Artist
at $19?

Someone else will pay for your copy of PD Artist, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

Learn more here:

See the Movie:

the climb up

If you couldn't walk
, could you climb Yosemite's El Capitan in 6 days, by hand, over 15,000+ pull-ups?

  (Steve did.)

Support the Wampler Foundation
Support the Wampler Foundation

Help re-open Camp Wamp for kids with disabilities

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