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Please enjoy this lovely
relaxing music
by eMaya's Jose Luis Suazo

while reading this
issue of our newsletter:


by Jose Luis Suazo

Find a lot more relaxing and mediation music here
Perfect for waffling and experimenting with art tools


           The Dogwaffler of the Moment #23 - last minute October


Hello wafflers and howlers, dabblers and dreamers.... here's another sporadic quick blast with news from Project Dogwaffle and all things related to pretty pixels - beyond digital painting!

Ok, Here we go....


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Symmetrical Painting
with PD Howler:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

See the
on video at

the Daily Dose!


Dogwaffler of the Moment: PD Howler Review by Danas Anis

Here's a review of PD Pro 6 / PD Howler by famous 3D Carrara artist Danas Anis.

You can see more of his artwork also at the DOTM page: the Dogwaffler of the Moment

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The PD Pro 40-40 Sale is coming to an end.


40% discount off the regular price for PD Pro 4, 5 or 6 (Howler), to name a few. Halloween is the last day where the coupon is good.
This sale is good for the following products on our BMTmicro store:

#18360018 - PD Howler 1 (Full PD Pro 6) - regular price $159, special offer: $95.40
#18360017 - PD Pro 5.1b - special offer $59.40 (regular $99)
#18360011 - PD Pro 4.0 (with free update to 4.1) - special offer $29.40 (regular $49)
#18360007 - PD Pro 3.5 (free update to 3.7) - special offer $17.40 (regular $29)

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TEDxDelMar video powered by PD, C8 and another PD

We had the great fortune and pleasure (AND adrenaline rush!) recently of working with a TEDx event, namely the TEDxDelMar from -  this event was on diabetes research and other ailments and progress in stem cell research, but the video you see there at the site is the continuin live feed from other TEDx events. Be sure to learn more about TED and TEDx if you've never heard of it. It's inspiring and amazing.

The music track is from DJ d'Artagnan's "Dawn of a Greater Day" - we think this was a perfect match for the topic of the day.... You can see and hear the lead intro video that I created right here:

It was created with two PD's:  the first PD is for Project Dogwaffle, the second is for Power Director, from Cyberlink, a great video editing tool.

It also shows an ocean of molecules dancing to the beat of the music, that was done in 3D, with Carrara, which is from DAZ3D. You can see other Carrara samples at  too

Stay tuned there for more about the making of such animated oceans.

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New Tutotials with PD Artist / PD Pro / PD Howler

A few new video tutorials have been posted at

And there are more coming. You can also bookmark the main tutorials page with the Daily Dose link reminder to keep an eye on it:


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cg arena free e-zine

CG Arena

Looking for graphics and 3D inspiration? This is a great publication with a wide variety of graphics topics. Be sure to look for it at

and please consider subscribing, participating in forums and providing them with feedback. There's a great e-Zine in the freebies section, and much more to explore and learn. Plus, if you see our add banner there, please click it, to learn about our newest releases too or just to say hi ;-)

Over the months, we'll try to add content in form of tutorials there too, so there's sure to be some Dogwaffle exposure too.

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cg arena free e-zine

Killer Pumpkins, Killer sketches

John Pelico is the talented artist behind

He has gracefully given some of his sketches for the greater good and allowed us to post them here:

You'll find a few sketches there, that you're welcome to use for fun and coloring practice or additional inspiration for Halloween pumpkin carvings.

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Upcoming Events and Shows

We had a blast at the Fashion & Design show called THREAD show ( in San Diego. If you had a chance to see the event in the other locations such as Los Angeles, Frisco or Seattle, be sure to post your impressions at the Dogwaffle forums.

In the San Diego area, we're working towards these upcoming shows no:

The San Diego Mini Con - for those who can't wait till next year's Comicon!

The San Diego Computer Show - remember the most popular gathering of the geeks? Build your own PC, save on parts and stuff

And putting it all together:
The San Diego Mall Shows - perfect for your holiday shopping needs

We hope to see you at some of these shows and events, and please do tell a friend a day about these events. You know the drill: Dogwaffle artwork, Tweets, Wall posts, blog posts, ....

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Join the fight against MS
hate MS?
                            join the fight
donate to the
National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Northern New York regional chapter)


the Multi-threaded
PD Howler:

PD Pro, howling fast

PD Howler screenshot

nifty texturesz

know your doat
painting the

The Cool Creative Bundle

PD Pro 4 is being offered with a few other tools for creative artists: the Cool Creative Bundle

This is a bundle available at

You can learn more about it and read testimonials from other users also at

What's currently included within the bundle?

Royalty-free content: (Music)

  • The Works of DJ d'Artagnan (royalty-free music for your multimedia and game projects)

Eight (8!) Applications, Plugins & Filters:

  • PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio (2D Paint)
  • Curvy 3D (a 3D modeler) 
  • Genetica 3 Basic (Texture Creation tool)
  • Archipelis Designer 2 (3D modeler)
  • Texture Anarchy (as a PS plugin)
  • AnyFX for PD (professional video effects by Pixelan)
  • DAP - Digital Auto Painter - marvellous!

If you've watched the many tutorial videos at, you've heard a bunch of music titles from DJ d'Artagnan that are included in this bundle, for royalty-free use in your projects, games, multimedia, etc....

As you may recall, DJ d'Artagnan has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. We just learned that he recently switched to a new medication and he's doing better. Not cured or anything close to that, but much better. There is hope. The findings reported at the above-mentioned TEDxDelMar event are also another glimpse of why there is hope. Plus, he is also now blessed with being a married man and says hello and thanks to all his fans who have sponsored and supported the fight against MS.

Cool Creative Bundle


And you can still  get  PD Particles, PD Artist 1 or Project Dogwaffle 2 for free with TrialPay (which just won the innovator of the year award!):

Can't afford
PD Particles
at $19?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of PD Particles, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford Project Dogwaffle v2
at $29?

Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of Project Dogwaffle, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!
Can't afford
PD Artist
at $19?

Someone else will pay for your copy of PD Artist, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

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Learn more here:

See the Movie:

the climb up

If you couldn't walk
, could you climb Yosemite's El Capitan in 6 days, by hand, over 15,000+ pull-ups?

  (Steve did.)

Support the Wampler Foundation
Support the Wampler Foundation

Help re-open Camp Wamp for kids with disabilities

The Artist Within - 1rst Prize at Pumpkin Carving Contest

I'd like to proudly end this post by sharing with you a picture that my daughter did, who's attending college, albeit not with an art major. Still, she's got the artist inside, and to prove it here's a picture that shows her pumpkin carving that took 1st price at the college's carving contest.

Jack (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)


You may recall last year's carving she did, with the gang of Harry Potter:

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