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Dogwaffler of the Moment

A sporadic newsletter about visual art and for artists using Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter

more Gertrudis for Dogwaffle examples

issue #3, late May 2005 - Memorial Day weekend

Hello again!
Welcome again to another issue of the Dogwaffler of the Moment - our sporadic newsletter with bits of news from the developers of Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro. 
This email is sent in text only to reduce download times for those with slow dialup connections. If you'd like to see the full version with the images, visit
 In this issue:
  1. the 3.1a Update
  2. PDhelp update, and how to print it
  3. Tornado Chase Art contest update
  4. new (old) plugins for free version 1.2
  5. new Dogwafflers of the moment
  6. San Diego Dogwafflers Group and Poll
  7. Special promo: 60% off for Dogwaffle v2.1
  8. one final word


the PD Pro 3.1a Update.... beyond perfection?
We have released a new patch for PD Pro, it's now version 3.1a. If you have PD Pro 3.0 or 3.1 you can get the free patch here:

This update includes a number of features for traditional animators, such as to cleanup scanned images. It was also built with new versions of ImageMagik and Timo's treeview software, which should enhance your experience when using the batch processing, conversions, saving to image sequences and browsing. There's quite a bit more to this patch, why don't you peek in at



2) The updated User Guide - PD Help nearly completed.
You will now find instructions on how to make your own printed version of the User's Guide. We have added a number of new chapters, on special FX filters for instance.

Take a peek:




3) The Tornado Chase Art Contest continues
Unfortunately, Klipsi the eclipse and tornado chaser had to abort his chase with Ultimate Chase for health reasons. But the contest continues, Ultimate Chase is still on the road too. See the latest submissions here:



4) New (old) Plugins for the free version 1.2 - load/save AVI, manage brushes...
If you use the free version 1.2 of Project Dogwaffle then you'll be happy to learn that some of the plugins and filters found in the old doggybags 1 and 2 do in fact work not only with the old commercial versions 1.5/1.6 but also appear to work with v1.2.

Now we don't officially support these, but since the 'secret' is out, here's what you can try:  Get the details from the patches zone:

 Look for patches for v1.2 or 1.5/1.6 and you'll find dobbybag #1 and 2.

Doggybag in particular has a plugin for saving animation to Avi, and to load Avi to animation. It also has a tool to store and manage custom brushes. Once you install and use these you'll probably realize that there is much more to Dogwaffle than what's in the free version. We hope you'll let this guide you towards a purchase of a commercial version to sponsor our continued development. We do have terrific discounts on version 2 through July 4, Independence (of expensive software) Day.




5) new Dogwafflers of the Moment
This month we had a quite a number of images sent to us from happy wafflers who draw and sketch Anime, cartoons and other human figure paintings. Great stuff, thanks y'all. You don't know how gratifying it can be for us to see artists of all ages share their experiences and enthusiastic input!  We have seen retired artists in the late 60's as well as a young artist just 9 nine years old.

You can see some images and testimonials in the DOTM section:


6) the San Diego Dogwafflers User Group
We're coming closer to starting an informal user group and gathering for the purpose of hands-on practice. The group is at



7) Spotlight on a Special Promo - 60% off the v2.1

It's been a while since the allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, Italy, Germany and eventually reached Berlin. We tend to forget, and yet we shouldn't. We should remember the sacrifices made by families from all nations to rid the world of tyranny. If Hitler's army had not been defeated we'd probably not be in our cozy homes nowadays and waffling  around.

To commemorate and show appreciation to the survivors and families of those who liberated Europe from the Nazis 60 years ago, we celebrate by giving back to the artist community with a 60% discount on Project Dogwaffle 2, and yes you can upgrade that to v3 later. It's a steal .

having a bad hair brush day?
just undo it

A final word...
Thanks again so very much for supporting us and for using PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle.  Be sure to share your art creations with others and to talk about the many tools you use. Your feedback and testimonials make all the difference.

And remember, if you have an uncle or dad who's the artsy type,....

      Happy Waffling for Father's Day!

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