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New Tools for Motion Graphics
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Hello artists, wafflers and howlers, sketchers and painters, animators  and dream makers.... here's another sporadic quick blast with news from and about Project Dogwaffle and all things related to pretty, colorful pixels - beyond digital painting!

We have released PD Pro version 7.1 ....... Howler edition. The Artist edition (without support for animations) should follow shortly)

Happy Waffling and Howling!

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Announcing PD Pro 7.1 Howler > top <  

Digital Painting has never been
so much fun: Learn to paint with Particle Brushes!

PD Particles

A fun companion for your
digital photo image editor!
powered by Project Dogwaffle
Can't afford it on your own?

Here is the Press Release:

Announcing the release of PD Pro 7.1 Howler

New tools for motion artists.

San Diego, CA - January 31st, 2012

Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle and Philip Staiger of have announced that the newest generation of Project Dogwaffle named PD Pro 7.1 Howler is now available.

PD Pro 7.1 Howler is a fast digital painting and animation program made by an artist for professionals alike. It is loaded with numerous features used in visual effects and the film industry for post work, matte painting and traditional animation.

"This release is specifically made to build upon the new multi-threaded architecture we started with 7.0.", said Ritchie, "We've focused on adding productivity tools for video FX, adding more motion graphics tools, things we've always wanted to have in PD and are now easily possible."

What's New in PD Pro 7.1 Howler?

* Greatly enhanced Curve tool and animated filters:
  - move existing points while in add mode
  - add points anywhere along the curve (not just at the end)
  - antialiased mode
  - Render curve to Alpha: new Add and Subtract modes in addition to Replace
  - Stroke the brush along an animated path of the Curve tool
  - Fill an animated selection across all frames (guided by the path)
  - Merge the Swap buffer against all frames using the selection

* Rotoscoping with Roto tools (part of the Curve tool)
  - Roto tools: Set Keyframe, Delete Keyframe, Clear Keyframes
  - use curve as Alpha, Invert selection, Soften and Blur...
  - Motion tracker assistant, to automate the curve shape tracking
  - Open(Load) and Save the path of the curve to file
  - toggle visibility of the curve

* Image stabilization of shaky video
  - motion smoothing or removal
  - border replication or reconstruction
reapplying the camera motion
  - retiming after stabilization

* Motion tracking
  - part of the automation in the Curve tool to create animated mattes

* Antialiasing of drawing tools (Ovals, Rectangles,...)

* New Color Curve Tool for color adjusting

* Animated Swap buffer:
  - pick a dogwaffle animation file as a source of swap image sequence, used by various filters and tools that work with the swap buffer

* Faster Timeline

* Numerous miscellaneous improvements and a few bug fixes.

A detailed list with examples and videos can be accessed at

Pricing and Availability

PD Pro 7.1 Howler is a free update for current users of version 7.0 Howler

PD Pro 7.1 is available for purchase through the online store at -  The List price is $159, and a 20%

discount is being offered through February 14, 2012. .

About and Project Dogwaffle

Dan Ritchie is the creator of Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. He has been known amongst the 3D community for making plugins for 3D tools, working as a 3D animator at Foundation Imaging and other production studios on projects like Star Trek Voyager, Starship Troopers, and other exciting sci-fi productions involving 3D animations and special effects.

Philip Staiger is the founder of, based in San Diego, California, and partners with Dan Ritchie to market and support Project Dogwaffle. 


Press Contacts

For press inquiries please contact Dan or Philip at

email: dogwaffle ( A T ) the best 3d ( D O T ) com

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned only for identification purposes, without any endorsement being implied.


potpourri 1

                fill tool

intro to

Curvy 3D fast and easy 3D modeling,
                              sculpting, painting, posing for 2D

New Tutorials
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Learn more tips and tricks from our video channel on Youtube:

Here are some recent additions

What's new in the Curve tool of

simplify rotoscoping work by temporarily
                    stabilizing the video
v7.1: Rotoscoping

3D Designer

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The Cool Creative Bundle > top <  


the Multi-threaded
PD Howler:

PD Pro, howling fast

PD Howler screenshot

nifty texturesz

know your doat
painting the

PD Pro 4 is included with a few other tools in a cool bundle made for creative artists: in the Cool Creative Bundle

This is a bundle available at

You can learn more about it and read testimonials from other users also at

Also note that with PD Pro 4 yours through this bundle, you are eligible to receive further discounts for upgrading to PD Pro 5, 6 and 7.

What's currently included within the bundle?

Royalty-free content: (Music)

  • The Works of DJ d'Artagnan (royalty-free music for your multimedia and game projects). Many of the tutorial videos that are in the youtube channel use this music.

Eight (8!) Applications, Plugins & Filters:

  • PD Pro 4 (Project Dogwaffle Professional)
  • Pixarra Twistedbrush Pro Studio (2D Paint)
  • Curvy 3D (a 3D modeler) 
  • Genetica 3 Basic (Texture Creation tool)
  • Archipelis Designer 2 (3D modeler)
  • Texture Anarchy (as a PS plugin)
  • AnyFX for PD (professional video effects by Pixelan)
  • DAP - Digital Auto Painter - marvellous!

If you've watched the many tutorial videos at, you've heard a bunch of music titles from DJ d'Artagnan that are included in this bundle, for royalty-free use in your projects, games, multimedia, etc....

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Learn more here:

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