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Please enjoy this lovely relaxing music by eMaya's Jose Luis Suazo
while reading this issue of our newsletter:


by Jose Luis Suazo

Find a lot more relaxing and mediation music here
Perfect for waffling and experimenting with art tools

New interface:
new user interface

Animated Filter:
Apply Mirror

applying horizontal mirror (on vertical center
                line) to a road drive-through scene

Changing your
interface colors:


The new Motion
Prediction Module:

motion prediction module

Hello artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.

PD Pro 7.2 Howler is Here!

We have released PD Pro 7.2 Howler. The Artist edition should come in 1-2 weeks.

If you already have PD Pro 7.0 or 7.1, this is a free update. Contact us for your update link.

What's New in PD Pro 7.2 Howler?

Here's a short summary of what's new:

  • multi-monitor support
  • new user interface style and colors
  • motion prediction module
  • re-invented timeline editor
  • more options in 3D Designer animation
  • faster loading of image sequences
  • broader file format support for compositing
  • broader use of SSE2 and threading
  • more options in enhanced curve tool: B-Spline toggle

More details here

March Promo - PD Pro Howler just $99

The previously announced Leap-year promotion continues through end of March. PD Pro Howler is just $99 (regular price: $139)
See details here

New Howler of the Moment (HOTM):

Pierre Fontaine

Illustration, Animation, Paper Model designs

Pierre uses several tools for his digital designs and art: PD Pro Howler, Curvy 3D, Carrara, Photoshop and more. read more

hills with orbicle brushestree painting

Millenium Wars

Happy Waffling and Howling!

to our



See the
on video at

the Daily Dose!

motion prediction used for slowing down a video
                  with smart image extrapolation
Motion Prediction for new
slow motion animation

Comparing Frame Blending vs. Motion Prediction technique.

nodding slow-mo James

terrain fly-through 3D animation slowed down 10x
producing many more frames to significantly slow down a 3D terrain fly through

extruded text moving away

interface colors

reinvented timeline

from our newsletter

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