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Hello artists, animators, wafflers and howlers. 

Howler of the Moment 

                          place, painting by leaftrackerLast minute addition: newest artwork by leaftracker.

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PD Pro 7.2 Artist Promo almost over  

The April PD Pro 7.2 Artist promo is almost over, celebrating the release of the Artist edition, but benefiting also the Howler edition Promo details

For more info about PD Artist 7, look here.


PD Pro 7.2 Howler Special - few (3?) left

We've recently announced a special promo to help fund development on a new laptop with GPU. This offer includes PD Pro 7 at half off, just $70 instead of $139, and as of this writing we have just 3 copies left

Another peek into the future: 
Project Broomhead

 Here's another look at what's brewing in Dan's kitchen:

A peek at Broomhead - what's new thus far

Don't let the "/7/" in the url fool you:
We can't promise if this will be a 7.x update or a 8.x major upgrade. Either way, it will be awesome, or so we think. Also, you will be in a better position to enjoy it if you already have PD Pro 7.2, so we encourage you to upgrade from your older version in the coming weeks.

Dude, where's my... Discount Coupon?

A quick reminder that if you own a legit copy of Project Dogwaffle (including PD Particles, PD Artist, PD 2, PD Pro 3, 4, 5 and beyond), you are entitled to a significant discount when you're ready and interested in upgrading to the latest, which is PD Pro 7.2 at the moment.

The percentage of the discount is higher the more recent your version is, but even with PD 2 you can still get 29% knocked off the full price.

Simply contact us to tell us which version you have, where you bought it (if not directly from our store but through Daz, Renderosity, Giveawayoftheday, Digibuy, Trialpay or other channels). We'll get you a voucher good towards the recent versions, Artist or Howler editions, with savings of up to 70% off the regular full price, and you get a full installer when ordering.

Tutorial Reminder

A quick reminder that you can find all tutorials here:

Reminder for DAZ-wafflers

If you ordered your Project Dogwaffle through Daz, you might qualify for a free update, depending on which version you bought. For example, if you ordered PD Artist 6 there you can get a free upgrade to v7. Be sure to contact us and ask.

See here for more details:


Cool Creative Bundle - Updated!

There's been an update at Cool Creative Bundle (CCB) - Archipelis has released version 3 of its core product, and the same version (instead of v2) is now included in the Cool Creative Bundle


If you didn't know, the CCB includes PD Pro 4 and it is fully upgradable with discount coupon too.

Happy Waffling and Howling!

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