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Hello again artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.  Here's another update on PD Pro 8.

- Version 8: pre-ordering info for users of versions v6 and earlier
- Cool new feature: Clone Fill
- Animated meteor brushes
- More meteors: Blender tutorials
Here we go...


v8: Pre-ordering info for users of versions of v6 and earlier

  If you already have an earlier version (from before v7), such as PD Pro 6, 5 or even back to PD 2 or PD Particles,  we now have discount coupons for upgrading from those versions too.

We offer generous discounts for a limited time, from now through the release date (sometime in July most likely). After the release and for another 30 days there will be a discount too, but a lesser discount.

If you pre-order you will not only receive the best discount but you'll immediately be able to download and install and use v7.2. A few weeks later you'll get another download email, for v8.

See pricing details here:

And here's the main page for PD Pro 8 Howler aka Project Broomhead:

Contact us to request your coupon, indicating in your email request which version you're upgrading from. If you did not order it from our online store (BMTmicro), then please also indicate where you bought it.


Cool new feature: Clone Fill


Ever took pictures with a digital camera and wish something could be removed easily from them? There are several techniques to do this of course. This new feature, Clone Fill, could well become your favorite method at that.

Simply use the lasso selection tool to outline the culprit that you wish to obliterate, then use Clone Fill to go pick another area from the picture that you'd rather see fill that selected region. Optionally, you might first want to blur the selection so that ir results in a smoother transition from outer to inner area of the selection.

Lear nore about Clone Fill here:

Here's another example, on our YouTube channel:

Removing People from a Photo by the duck pond at Central Park

This tool can also be an easy way to add details in more places. For example you could draw a selection around one of the ducks, then translate the selection somewhere else, then use Clone Fill and get the duck to appear at that new location as well.


Animated meteor brushes

An additional tutorial to the mini series on slow moving planet Earth, we have added a tutorial that shows how to add tumbling meteors by loading an animation from AVI file into the custom anim brush system and painting the space rocks across an animation.

Rogue Meteors flying around, Crashing on Earth

This tutorial is also accessible from the Broomhead Showcase page:

The animated meteor is also available for free downloading as an animbrush or AVI so you can practice with it: 

Blender Tutorials: Space Rocks
(aka galactic popcorn)

Dan has started to explore using Blender for 3D content creation. Two tutorials are available which show how to create tumbling space rocks with rough surfaces through displacement maps, and how to render the animation out as image sequence for use in Dogwaffle's custom animbrushes.

If you've always been interested in learning Blender for 3D, we hope that this will help you. Blender is a free program, but for some users it may have a little bit of intimidatingly sophiscated interface. CHeck it out for yourself to see if Blender is right for you?

Happy Waffling and Howling!

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