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Hello again starving artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.  Here's another update on PD Pro 8: the wait is over!!!!!

Dawn of a New Era (click image to transform)

Learn more about v8: What's new in PD Pro 8 Howler

and now,..... drum roll please....

Press Release

(small print, big news) and Dan Ritchie announce the Release of PD Pro 8 Howler

San Diego and Santa Clarita, California, July 7, 2012 has announced that a new major version of Project Dogwaffle, PD Pro 8 Howler, has been released.

"This release is the result of a tremendous amount of time and effort spent in greatly improving and enriching the visual art experience.", said Philip Staiger of "We are very grateful to the team of beta testers who have spent countless hours testing and giving us feedback of great value."

"Back in version 5, we started a concerted effort to modernize and revamp the program with new techniques, technologies and algorithms.", added Dan Ritchie, author of Project Dogwaffle. "Now, in version 8, we're coming full circle and getting back to basics: let's paint and have some real serious fun! We've updated our brush system with more speed and new features.".

- What's New in PD Pro 8 Howler -

The complete list of changes made since v7.2 can be found at

Here is a short summary:

1) many external filters and plugins have been internalized, resulting in great speed improvements.

2) the Custom brush system is now multi-threaded, further targeting multi-core architectures for even better performance

3) Visual FX on brush strokes added or enhanced: Gel, Gouache, Impasto, Pigment parameter, Edge bleed, and many more, to provide new paint effects

4) Support for more drawing tablets and modes such as brush image spin based on pen angle (when using Wacom(R) Intuos(R)). Tablet pressure enabled by default.

5) Clone Fill mode for quick photographic reconstruction or elimination of unwanted details.

6) Integration of new filters, such as the 3D Designer and Twirl filters, into the animation Timeline. Keyframes can now be moved along the timeline and provide real-time visual preview feedback of their changing effects.

7) Localization support: There's a new option under utilities that saves out all the text strings from panels that are loaded in memory The file can then be edited for translation of menu items and put back in the same folder with Howler.

8) Enhanced Spherize tool: new bump map texture modes and specular highlight enhancements, size control and more.

9) Enhanced 3D Lighting: new options make the 3D Lighting tool yet another great example of integration of 3D with paint.There are now controls for elevation extrusion depth, multiply with original colors, specular highlights and more.

10) Last but not least: Foliage. This is a new extension to the particle brush system (in addition to Optipustics, Bristles and Orbicles). This rules-based system attaches a dynamically growing plant system (trees, bushes, shrubbery, weeds,...) to your paint brush strokes. In a single stroke you can grow and paint fabulous types of foliage. The system employs Dogwaffle's internal 3D engine for added realism and trickery such as alpha coverage and Zdepth.

- Pricing and Availability -

PD Pro 8 Howler edition is available now for purchase at

PD Pro 8 Howler is priced at $139 USD. An introductory discount is available for a few weeks from launch. A lighter, lower cost version without support for animations and which will be named PD Artist 8 is planned for the near future but no release date has been announced yet.

Upgrades from earlier versions are offered through vouchers providing generous discounts along with a full new installer, so that former users on old computers may install on new computers. The amount of discount varies, depending on the prior version, and can reach 70% off the regular price.

- About Project Dogwaffle and -

Dan Ritchie currently lives in Santa Clarita, California, and has been developing Project Dogwaffle digital painting and animation software as a project of passion and love for over 15 years. is a small privately held company based in San Diego, California that has partnered for years with Dan to market and distribute Project Dogwaffle through its many releases in various forms, including boxed product through Fastrak in the UK, localized versions with NetJapan(R) and bundling with other tools offered through GarageGames(R), tablet manufacturers and the Cool Creative Bundle, to name a few.

- Press contacts -

To request an NFR for review or for other inquiries please contact Philip and Dan at




Happy Waffling and Howling!

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