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What's New in
Version 8?

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The Cool

Review of
PD Pro 5.1b
by Danas Anis

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Hello again starving artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.  Let's start discovering PD Pro all over again. In this issue, we announce a few new tutorials and more to come that we hope will help you get started as a brand new user of Dogwaffle, i.e. if you've never used PD Pro before. Or, if you've used an old version for years, and are finding that there are differences in the interface and thus the old Help files are not up to the latest.


New Tutorial Series:  Taming the Broomhead

Discovering Project Dogwaffle Professional 8 - Howler or Artist editions

This is what we hope to turn a daily addition of short videos focused on discovering and using PD Pro, both the Howler edition and the upcoming Artist edition for those with no interest in animation.

Here are a few so far, starting with the installation. These will all be hosted on

The videos can be seen here too, if you want to bookmark this:


Galeria Natural - New Foliage Presets

Here is a 25+ minutes escapade, an exploration of the many styles we have collected so far into new presets for the foliage system. More are under development. And you can also make your own rules for this new rules-based foliage system. Stay tuned for an upcoming update in which we'll release these and more new presets. You will want to make sure you join the mailing list for our newsletter if you haven't done so yet or have changed email addresses.

Music by the talented Jose Luis Suazo (eMaya).

Dogwaffler of the Moment &
Cool Creative Bundle Showcase:

Greg Taylor

Greg is a student in game design who started with PD Particles as seen on GarageGames, and recently added PD Pro by way of the Cool Creative Bundle. He's still new to Dogwaffle but is quickly learning and seeing many new ways to use it for creative storyboarding and concept art design that he feels will prove to play an important role in his game designs.

Learn more about this Dogwaffler of the Moment here:

Looking for other game designers who waffle? Look through the DOTM pages at

Cool Creative Bundle - free update

Now with PD Pro 5

As you probably know, the Cool Creative Bundle ( is a collection of creative tools and content offered at a drastically reduced price. So it may not be the latest version in all cases, but they're nothing short of awesome nonetheless, and at that very low price, what's not to like?  Over $600 in tools for just $59 - fully legit, fully supported, and fully upgradable where available.

A few months ago, Archipelis replaced their Archipelis Designer v2 with the new version 3. If you're still using v2, contact them to ask about the v3 update.

Likewise, we have just released an update for PD Pro. In the prior release of the Cool Creative Bundle, it was PD Pro 4 that was included (along with the free 4.1 update). Now, we've replaced that with version 5.1b. Learn more about this version here:

 We've contacted all users of the CCB that are known to us and offered them the free upgrade to v5 of PD Pro. If you missed that email be sure to contact us to request it. Be sure to include proof of purchase such as the order confirmation ID and the email address and name under which it was ordered and the purchase date. Contact Philip here:

Here are some items created in PD Pro 5:

PD Pro 5 was released almost 3 years ago. It had been even longer before that since v4.1 was released, so there were a lot of new features added, such as the first incarnation of symmetrical painting, or the frame painter to put a wooden frame around your picture. Be sure to read all about PD Pro 5.1 and about pre-requisites.

This version is also available by itself for a little less money, but ifyou're also interested in the 3D tools and other painting apps and royalty free music, the CCB is the best value there is.

This is the Howler edition that Danas Anis also reviewed in the Artist edition:

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