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Hello again starving artists, animators, wafflers and howlers.  Here's a new edition of our newsletter, this time with news about PD Artist 8 - aka PD Pro 8 Artist edition.


New Tutorials - Taming the Broomhead

As announced earlier, we have started a series of new tutorials to learn PD Pro 8 from the beginning. Look here:

Some of the tutorials include using animation tools, so you'll need the Howler edition to follow. Others use non-animated features, which you can do with the Artist edition. Here's an example with the linear gradient tool and the Warp tool:

Linear Gradient and the Warp Tool

Here are some of the recently added tutorials:

PD Artist 8 is here!

Ealy July we released the Howler edition, which includes animations. If you don't care for making animations or working with video, and prefer to save some money instead of paying for features you won't use, then the Artist edition is the better fit for you. We have just released version 8 of that Artist edition, based on the same Project Broomhead which led to PD Pro 8 Howler.

Here is the main website for the Artist editions:

PD Artist 8 powered
                                  by PD Pro 8

The main advantage of PD Artist vs. PD Howler is the reduced cost.

Currently, PD Artist 8 sells for $79 but we are running a launch promo through end of September at just $59, essentially the price of PD Artist 7. If you very recently bought PD Artist 7, either here or on the DAZ3D store, be sure to contact us to get your free update.

Like PD Howler 8, this PD Artist 8 includes the awesome rules based foliage system and now comes with many more presets than we originally released in the very first PD Howler 8. (we have rleased a collection of new presets for the foliage system here:

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