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Hello again.  In this issue of the Dogwaffle newsletter we have an additional tutorial showing how to use the AnyFX plugin from Pixelan, which you can get for free if ordering PD Pro 8. We also have other tutorials, including one to blow bubbles. And we have another Dogwaffler of the Moment, BJ Bradley, who uses Dogwaffle to help illustrate her children books such as Tillie Tuppet's "Blowing Bubbles".



New Promo: PD Pro 5 for just $5

This promo runs through the end of October. Normally priced at $35, we're practically giving it away, for just $5. Details here:



Promo Still running:  AnyFX for PD 8

Through the month of October, we are running a special promotion with Pixelan, who makes plugins for various popular programs. See their complete lineup of tools at Pixelan's website:

One of their products is called AnyFX. It contains numerous filters and creative tools to modify both still images as well as animated sequences (video). For example, it includes awesome Rain and Snow filters. The main website for AnyFX is:

There is a version also for PD Pro, called AnyFX for PD. They have released a version that is compatible with PD Pro 8. There are two arts to it: static filters, and animated filters, so you can use it with PD Artist 8 as well as PD Howler 8.

This plugin is also included with the Cool Creative Bundle. (  

We're offering you a free copy of AnyFX for PD when you order PD Pro 8 (Artist or Howler edition) from us directly between September 1st and October 31st. Learn more about this promotion here:

Here is another tutorial, showing amongst other things: how to use the Rain filter from AnyFX when the camera is turning around, and the rain direction (Wind) needs to change accordingly:

If you do get to use AnyFX with PD, please don't be shy, show us what you're doing, post samples on the forums.

Tutorial:  Making Bubbles 

  One of the images seen in the DOTM (see below) inspired us to make a new quick tutorial to review some brushes that were introduced in version 5. These bubble brushes were helpful for Tillie Tuppet to blow bubbles, and you too may find them very useful:

Dogwaffler of the Moment:

BJ Bradley

Tillie loves to ski

(Optipustics particle brushes "Winter branches" used here)

B.J. Bradley is married with three children and lives in the Midwest where the nicest people in the world reside. She owns an electrical contracting business with her husband.

B.J. Bradley is also currently a part time teacher who has worked with all age groups from kindergarten through high school. B.J. Bradley is the author of several nonfiction books physical and eBooks including Elizabeth I- Drama Queen which is the most popular.

Although she enjoys writing biographies and books for the teen crowd, she is just as enthusiastic about working on picture books for children. Among the books she has worked on is a simple guide to the Constitution for the littlest of people.

She likes the silliness of the Froggy and Dumb Bunny books, the sweetness of Curious George, the wackiness of Dr. Seuss, and cleverness of the Skippyjon Jones books.

She is currently in the process of creating a picture book series about a little girl who refuses to wear her shoes.

Why wear shoes when you can do everything in your socks!

Miss Tillie Tuppet flips flapjacks, does the hokey-pokey, eats snicker doodles, and runs from an alligator wearing only her socks.

Read more about this Dogwaffler of the Moment here:

"Oh Sassy!"

PD Pro 8.1 Howler is here!

We recently released v8.1 of the Howler edition. If you had 8.0, this was a free update, and we sent out notices to all users of Howler 8. If you did not get your download link and you have the Howler edition of 8.0, please let us know.

oh sassy! Dogwaffle 8.1 is coming

What's new in 8.1 here:


3D Mountain Fly-throughs

The Carrara, Dogwaffle and JLS Music Project

Here are now a total of 5 animations and fly-throughs over mountainscapes, done with Carrara, Dogwaffle and Power Director. See the banner here:

Carrara 3D
                                animations of terrain flythrough

You can click it to access the playlist which is on youtube or access it here:

Music by Hondurian musician Jose Luis Suazo (eMaya) also seen here:


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If you liked this newsletter, please help spread the word about Project Dogwaffle and related tools by forwarding or reposting. You can use Twitter, your Facebook wall and other social media as well as blogs and forum posts to invite them to read this issue:

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