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   Working with Selection Masks

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Hello again.  We have a few new tutorials on our YouTube channel, including some that focus on working with selection masks and the alpha channel. One video is 40 minutes long and has no narration, but relaxing music by Jose Luis Suazo. We hope you like it.  We also are still running a promotion on PD Pro 5 for just $5 to the end of the month, as well as a free Pixelan AnyFX giveaway for anyone who buys version 8, either PD Artist or PD Howler edition.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for waffling!


New Tutorials: Selections

Plus: 200 videos, and counting

Many of our new tutorials are in our YouTube channel 'pdhowler':

We now have over 200 videos there. Many more in the older 'staigerman' channel too, and of course plenty more non-video types here:

Here are a few recently added tutorials:

Selections 1 - Rose Petals

Selections 2 - Round Logos  (Transparency Masks)

Selections 3 - First Snow Fall (without narration)

Other recent tutorials can be seen here:

More tutorials about Selections and working with the Alpha Channel:

Here are tutorials on the Alpha channel that date back to PD Pro 4, and which should still be useful for users of v5 and beyond. The interface may have evolved but the concepts remain very usable throughout the releases.

  • Lesson 1 - selecting a simple image (few colors) to turn it into a custom brush
  • Lesson 2 - a first look at multiple selections (using Shift-click) and hand-crafting a multi-frame animated brush
  • Lesson 3 - selecting multiple regions with SHIFT key, using Left mouse button to add to the selection, or right mouse button to subtract from the current selectionrectangle or oval to alpha
  • Lesson 4 -  It's practice time! Another little project where SHIFT-click with the magic wand comes in handy to reverse-engineer a logo into its original components, separating it from a complex background.
  • Lesson 5 - The Lasso tool
  • Lesson 6 - Rectangle and Oval to Alpha selections
  • Lesson 7 -  Support Mount Wilson Observatory.
  • Lesson 8 -  to skin an apple
  • Loading an Image to Alpha & Painting on Alpha - with PD Particles too


October Promo: PD Pro 5 for just $5

This promo runs through the end of October. Normally priced at $35, we're practically giving it away, for just $5. Details here:

PD Pro 5 for $5



Another Promo Still running too: 

Free AnyFX plugin w/purchase of PD 8

Through the month of October, we are running a special promotion with Pixelan, which makes plugins for various popular imaging and video editing programs. See their complete lineup of tools at Pixelan's website:

Look for their upcoming eciting new product releases.

One of their products is called AnyFX. It contains numerous filters and creative tools to modify both still images as well as animated sequences (video). For example, it includes awesome Rain and Snow filters. The main website for AnyFX is:

There is a version also for PD Pro, called AnyFX for PD. They have released a version that is made to work with PD Pro 8. There are two parts to it: static filters, and animated filters, so you can use it with PD Artist 8 as well as PD Howler 8.

Note that this plugin is also part of the Cool Creative Bundle. (  

We're offering you a free copy of AnyFX for PD when you order PD Pro 8 from us directly
(Artist or Howler edition) on or before October 31st. Learn more about this promotion here:



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First introduced
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the Frame Painter
a tool for animators

the Frame Painter - introduced in PD Pro 5

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