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 #46:  Ethereal Eyelashes

Thin eyelash particle brushes, and a first sneak peek at what may be coming in 8.2 (early alpha)

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Hello again.  We have a few more tutorials on using particle brushes, with focus on thin particles, derived from the "wierd eye lashes" preset, or to make ethereal eye lashes.

We also take a first sneak peek at some of the newest developments, such as using the GPU in 3D Designer or adding force fields to foliage brushes.

As a reminder, we're still in November and thus are still running a $10 promo on PD Pro Howler v6, as well as other special offers for upgrading. See below for details.

As usual, you can see the html version here:

Thanks for reading and waffling.


New Tutorials: Thin Particle Brushes

aka Ethereal Eye Lashes


There are new tutorials and examples created with particle brushes:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the most recent additions. Look for these:


Sneak Peek: a first look at version 8.2

Ok, this is still very early alpha code under development. Still, we wanted to start sharing some news about what's likely going to be in the best release, probably called PD Pro 8.2

Force field on Foliage brushes

Here's a short video that shows how you'll be able to activate the forcefield in the regular particle brushes and then use it in the foliage brushes too.

GPU Support in 3D Designer

We're planing to add GPU support, i.e. the The Graphics Processor Unit on your graphics card or chip. This can help accelerate certain operations which are starving for billions of floating point operations. We're starting to add it in the 3D Designer, as seen in this video:

Dogwaffler of the moment:  more Attila

Here's a new image done with particle and foliage brushes, created by Attila:

You can see a bunch more examples here:



November Promotions 


Our holiday promotion: 

Upgrade from v6 or v7 to PD Pro 8

at 71%(!) off

Since November 1st, we're running a holiday 2012 promotion to upgrade you from v6 or from v7 to the latest v8 (Howler or Artist edition) at the great discount of 71% off the regular price. The regular price of PD Howler 8  for instance is $139. With the discount, you pay just about $40 to upgrade.

Contact Philip for your discount coupon to upgrade at 71% before the year ends:

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November 2012 Thanksgiving special: 

Buy PD Pro 6 for just $10(!) (regular $53)

If you're not sure yet whether PD Pro 8 is right for you, and you want to take small steps towards creative bliss, try PD Pro 6 first. We're offering the Howler edition for just $10 this month of November. No coupons needed. This is the full installer, not an upgrade. The regular price for v6 is $53 - you save $43.

Ok, so v6 is not the latest or greatest Howler there ever was anymore, but it still is awesome and if you can't afford v7 or v8 yet, v6 sure is a treat at just $10.  And it is fully supported and upgradeable, should you later want to move up to v8. or beyond.


Another crazy Upgrade promotion: 

Upgrade from v5 (or 4) to v8 with 59% off

Whether you just recently bought PD Pro v5 at our October special of $5, or whether you have been sitting on v5 or v4 for a long time, we think it's time to move up to v8. To that effect, we want to make it easier for you to upgrade. From now till end of November 2012,  you get a 59% discount when upgrading to PD Pro 8, Howler or Artist edition from v4 or v5. Simply contact Philip and tell us you'd like to upgrade to v8 from v4 or v5, whichever you have. We'll then send you a discount coupon for the 59% discount - and you get a full installer.

If you have an even older, earlier version, such as PD Pro 3.5, or any other from before that time, we'll still help you upgrade if you wish, with another discount coupon around 40%-50% depending on your version. Be sure to
contact Philip to request your coupon.

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