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Newsletter #48

  PD Pro 8.2 Sneak Peek#1

A brief first look at some of what's coming with PD Pro 8.2

What's New in
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PD Artist

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More examples
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What's New


What's Cool

PD Artist

Hello again.  PD Pro 8.2 is coming. Can't tell exactly yet when, but's development is here. We're in alpha phase, that's before going into beta, at which points features will have been locked and it's all about fixing issues and cleaning it up, making sure it runs as expected. The current build is alpha 27 and counting.
We also have a reminder of current promotions that will run out by year's end.

Plus a few new tutorials, including some mixed with 3D on Anim8or.

As usual, you can see the html version here:

Thanks for reading and waffling - and Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a happy New Year!


PD Pro 8.2 - first Sneak Peek

Here's a tentative first list of features and changes we're making -
More to come...

Main Features in 8.2:

  • A greatly wrangled plugin folder and browser, also adding support for tooltips for plugins.
  • GPU support. An enhanced 3D Designer is the first to make use of new GPU support.
  • GUI improvements and cosmetic changes for Windows 8.
Updated plugins.
  • In 8.2, we're adopting an "everything down to the raw loader" philosify, meaning we're dusting off a lot of old plugins, internalizing some, refreshing the GUI of ones that haven't been udpated to the newer look, and just generally making a lot of little updates and polishes.
  • There's a new forcefield type that can be used to create gravity/explosion fields.
  • The foliage tool now also supports forcefields.
  • Cosmetic changes to better support the flat look of Windows 8.
  • Interface tweaks for more usability.
  • Fixed an error in saving pigment profiles.
  • Saving Avi's now remembers the last filename during a session, and there's an updated panel.
  • Grid and Artist guide settings are now saved and restored.
  • A couple of fixes on the animated brush timeline.
  • The plugin panel now supports tooltips for each plugin.
  • Changes to the plugin panel now also allow date and size of plugin creation, author and information about the plugin, plus pattern matching and opening the Explorer.
  • The plugin panel and lua browser are now more functionally and visually similar.
  • Fixed 'numeric select' not activating from the alpha panel.
  • fixed "store brush as image" feature to not crash if a brush is not defined.
  • GUI_Server, hence lua scripts with a GUI, now use the new visual style.
  • The Brush/Transparency/Transparency tool now uses the new visual style.
  • The brush keyframer now uses the new visual style.
  • Frame Painter now uses the new visual style.
  • Fixed some layout problems with the print panel.
  • fixed crash if entering numbers above 255 in gradient panel.
  • The tritone filter now supports rendering to an animation. The "multicolor" animated lua script version of it has thus been removed from the filters/animated cate gory.
  • There's a new 1 bit per channel filter under Color/1 bit dither... Possible uses: preparing a graphic for pixel for pixel output to a printing device maybe.
  • The Mod dog (music) player plugin is updated to run under 64 bit Windows. Rock on!
  • A number of plugins have been updated. For example, the RYB mixer plugin now operates more smoothly.
  • The installer no longer automatically runs the program after installation, for technical reasons. It should be run from the start menu.
  • The "Undo buffer to animation" feature was leaving out 1 undo step. fixed.
  • The tool panel is now adjusted on startup to always be on the right side of the sidebar if both are located together on the left side of the main panel.
  • Eliminated all lua script usage from main functions, replaced with internal code.
Some things renamed...
  • "Unit calculator" on the image resample panel is renamed "Other units" to sound less mathy.
  • "Store image" is renamed "Store image copy" to be more clear.
  • The brush key menu is renamed "Transparency" and reorganized. Most of the items have been internalized.
  • added Dogwaffle.Dog_ColorToRGB(c, r, g, b) subroutine in the plugin interface.
  • It is not a function, but a subroutine. The return results are in r,g,b which is converted from the color value in c, such as "&HFF4422". This routine is added to support .net framework plugins that often have fuctions that accept colors in R,G,B values instead of packed format.
  • Added the bmp image sequence to avi converter plugin to the misc utilities menu.
More internalized plugins...
  • Red eye removal
  • Scale_Alpha_pm.exe
  • ExploreTempDir_pm.exe
  • 8 bush keying plugins internalized.
  • a number of quantizing (color reduction) plugins have been interalized.
  • Load to stored

And more to come, so stay tuned.

New Tutorials

Here's a very recent addition:
  • spaceship 1 - brushes for rocket engine exhast fire

Look in our Youtube channel for more, such as:
  • spaceship 1 - compositing color channel and alpha channel
  • dark skies
  • gradient skies
  • anim8or modeling #1 to dogwaffle custom brush
  • anim8or movie to dogwaffle animated brush
There are many more new tutorials:




 December Promotions Reminder

Always check here for latest:

The following promotions will end by year's end:

PD Pro 8 Promotions

  • Get PD Pro 8.0 Artist for $39 (reg. $79 - save $40)
  • Get PD Pro 8.1 Howler for $79 (reg. $139 - save $60)

amazing feature highlight: Foliage brushes 

PD Pro 7 Promotions

  • Get PD Pro 7.2 Artist for $19 (reg. $59 - save $40)
  • Get PD Pro 7.2 Howler for $39 (reg. $89 - save $50)

  learn more about PD Pro v7

amazing feature highlight: the Motion Prediction Module

Upgrade from v6 or v7 to PD Pro 8

at 71%(!) off

Since November 1st, we're running a holiday 2012 promotion to upgrade you from v6 or from v7 to the latest v8 (Howler or Artist edition) at the great discount of 71% off the regular price. The regular price of PD Howler 8  for instance is $139. With the discount, you pay just about $40 to upgrade.

Contact Philip for your discount coupon to upgrade at 71% before the year ends:

Upgrade from v5 (or 4) to v8 with 59% off

Whether you just recently bought PD Pro v5 at our October special of $5, or whether you have been sitting on v5 or v4 for a long time, we think it's time to move up to v8. To that effect, we want to make it easier for you to upgrade. From now till end of November 2012,  you get a 59% discount when upgrading to PD Pro 8, Howler or Artist edition from v4 or v5. Simply contact Philip and tell us you'd like to upgrade to v8 from v4 or v5, whichever you have. We'll then send you a discount coupon for the 59% discount - and you get a full installer.

If you have an even older, earlier version, such as PD Pro 3.5, or any other from before that time, we'll still help you upgrade if you wish, with another discount coupon around 40%-50% depending on your version. Be sure to
contact Philip to request your coupon.

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