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Newsletter #52

 Announcing Skyock's Egret:

PD Pro Artist 8.2b

The first PD Artist with GPU support

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Hello again. 

Here's another Dogwaffle update. We are releasing PD Pro 8.2b Artist edition today, Saturday March 9 2013!

As usual, see the html version here:
We'll keep this message very short. Just one topic:   PD Artist 8.2b


PD Pro 8.2b Artist is Here!

Yes there definitely is a slant on 3D landscapes in this release: you'll see a lot of grand canyons and fantasy planets, desert vistas and scenic beauty! We've put a lot of time and effort into this one, and we couldn't have done it without our loyal base of beta testers. It was quite some team work experience!

This release marks the beginning of a new era in PD Artist, as it follows in the foot steps of its bigger brother, PD Howler, which made the jump last month. We've had the desire to use the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for quite a while. It is currently used by the 3D designer for dynamic lighting, by the Mandelbrot filter, and the new Bokeh blur filter.  There's also a benchmark feature on the settings panel to compare performance. Painting is also faster, as it is multithreaded. Ok, let's say it's faster if you have a PC with many hungry cores, hungry for number-crunching that is.


 ----- What's New in PD Pro 8.2 Artist -----

This is roughly the same list of new features as what was new in the 8.2 Howler edition, except of course for the animation parts, since Artist doesn't do animation. But, let's remember that there was no 8.1 release of the Artist edition, so if you have Artist 8.0 and want to see what all has changed since, you'll also want to take into consideration what was changed in 8.1. Most definitely, if you have an earlier version such as v7.2 or v6 and ar considering an upgrade to v8, check what was added in v8.0 too.

Here are a few good resources to learn more details:

PD Artist 8

What's new in 8.0? (Broomhead)

What's new in 8.1? (Oh Sassy!) - a Howler release only, now also in Artist 8.2

What's new in 8.2? (Skyock's Egret)

Here are a few key elements:
  • Improved painting tools and speed.  Painting is now multi-threaded.  There is now support for wet-edges, lifting, and other painting possibilities.
  • Scenery rendering
  • GPU support for mega-speed
  • Other speed improvements.  Many filters have undergone updates for more speed and improved usability.
  • Interface changes for Windows 8 and various improvements.
  • "The quicker color picker"
  • Tablet adjustment to suit your pressure comfort.
  • New Bokeh blur feature
  • New noise removal feature.
  • Further integration of plugins.

Also, since 8.2 we've made a few more improvements and bug fixes (which may become part of a future update patch for PD Howler too some day). For now, PD Artist has earned the 'b' tag: v8.2b  (let's say b stands for better, bolstered or "ba-zing!")

  • The render/plasma filter is faster
  • The transform/shift filter is faster
  • The ruler now has some new features.
  • There's a new error console that can reveal information about tablet devices and other things.
  • Addressed an issue with saving image sequences in PNG format.
  • Fixed a bug on the artistic/brush strokes panel.
  • fixed a bug when exiting full screen mode

Reminder: GPU support is implemented through the MS concurrency runtime (VC++ AMP) and as such requires Windows 7 or 8 with DirectX 11 and a graphics card or chip that supports it. On other platforms or systems such as with Windows Vista and XP, CPU code is used instead instead of GPU. It still works great, just a little slower.

 ----- Pricing

New orders of PD Pro 8 Artist are priced at $59 USD.

If you already have PD Pro 8 Artist (8.0), it's a free update. In that case, you will  receive an email with notification about your 8.2 downloadable installer. It will be a full installer, and you should uninstall the current v8.0 Artist prior to installing v8.2. Check your spam box if you don't see anything in your inbox from bmtmicro's server within a week from this release. Contact us if still nothing thereafter.
If you have earlier versions (v7, v6, v5,...) you can still get a great discount for upgrading to v8.2 Artist (or switching to Howler, too). Contact us for your discount coupon if you don't have one.

Please help spread the word. If you use social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter or forums and blogs etc, it would be awesome if you could tell a friend, or even a total stranger.

If you are a student or teacher, ask for your 70% discount.

If you're with a publication or company and are interested in reviewing or evaluating PD Pro 8.2 Artist, please contact us.

Thanks for waffling and howling!


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