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Newsletter #53

 PD Pro Artist 8.2c

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Hello again. 

Here's another update from Project Dogwaffle.

 - PD Artist 8.2b is dead - long live 8.2c

 - New Tutorials, including 'Rounded Curves'

 - Winners of the YURdigital contest

 - hot! sneak preview: a color gradient sucker er... gradient grabber tool

As usual, you can also find the html version here:

PD Artist  8.2b  is dead - long live 8.2c ! 

So we released Artist 8.2b in a slight hurry 3 weeks ago, only to find out shortly thereafter an embarrassing glitch that made it difficult (read: impossible) to use under Windows XP. How this one slipped by my scrutiny and testing I still don't know, shame on me. But Dan was quick to find a fix and a week later we officially buried 8.2b and replaced it with 8.2c. So if you're one of the few who had ordered PD Artist 8 while it was shipping as 8.2b, consider yourself the lucky rare owner of a release that lived for just a week. Who knows, your installer might have collector's value some day, or you could send it to the Smithsonian.

Anyway, by now, if you have PD Artist 8.0, you should be using 8.2c.

We have sent upgrade instructions through the BMTmicro server to the email on record that you used when ordering PD Artist 8. If your email has changed, be sure to inform the Support department at bmtmicro, they can update your record with the new address, and then inform us (Philip) and we'll arrange for resending the re-enabled download links.

Just a few reminders:

PD Artist 8 - just $59

What's new in 8.0? (Broomhead)

What's new in 8.1? (Oh Sassy!) - a Howler release only, now also in Artist 8.2

What's new in 8.2? (Skyock's Egret)


Reminder: GPU support is implemented through the MS concurrency runtime (VC++ AMP) and as such requires Windows 7 or 8 with DirectX 11 and a graphics card or chip that supports it. On other platforms or systems such as with Windows Vista and XP, CPU code is used instead instead of GPU. It still works great, just a little slower.


New Tutorials

We have a bunch of recently posted tutorials, focusing on things to explore and discover with v8.2, especially using the 3D Designer, Bokeh blur and more.

Here are a few:

Photographic Gradient Skies

First Steps with PD Artist 8.2

Pre-Filtering and Anti-Aliasing

Saving an Animation with PD Howler 8.2

Here's one more, by Dan Ritchie himself, author of Project Dogwaffle:

Rounded Curves


Contest Winners at - Congrats!

The folks at recently held a contest (the YUR "Twisted Digital Art Contest"). Sponsors included Filter Forge,, SmithMicro and us,, withg PD Pro 8.2 -  See details here: to the 3rd place winner (booksbydavid) who won a copy of PD Pro Howler 8, and to meerkat for the honorable mention in 5th place, which was awarded with PD Pro Artist 8.

We invite you to visit and discover YURdigital:
If you join as a member, be sure to contribute to the dogwaffle forum there too.


sneak preview:

a color gradient sucker er... gradient grabber tool

Have you ever looked at a picture and looked at some details in that picture, and said to yourself, "my, those are fancy colors, I wish I could just pick those up to make a new gradient with these exact same colors!".

Well, now (or soon anyway), you will be able to just lift those colors from the image buffer. A new tool is being developed that lets you 'place' an imaginary line, which will then guide the tool to look for the colors under that 'line', These colors are then used to build a new gradient - automagically!

For example, if you have photo with a special sunset loaded with awesome colors, blue and reds, purples and orange mixed together, just drag the tool across the sky, and all these colors will be used in the making of the new gradient. Then you can simply draw a filled rectangle in gradient mode to re-create a similar sunset, but without possible undesired artefacts in the photograph such as an airplane, a cloud, or the mere grain of high-sensitive film. Or you can use that same gradient in many other ways, including the particle brushes, perhaps for fancy firework colors.

Here's a first video that shows how it would work. This was done during very early development, and we called the tool the "gradient sucker" since we had this vision of a vaccuum cleaner sucking up the colors from the pixels straight into the bag, er,... into the gradient. But we have since renamed the tool: it will be known as the gradient grabber, or nicknamed the GG (best pronounced 'Gigi', with italian accent).

See it here:

Now, keep in mind, as of this writing (March 23, 2013), this tool is not yet available, i.e. we're showing you a sneak peek, a preview. The tool looks even better with the finalized interface and feedback, stay tuned for more videos in our YouTube channel, examples and great tutorials on that.

We haven't decided yet when this will be released, if it will be another free update/bug fix release or a paid major update, such as part of 8.5 or 9.0.... for now, let's just enjoy and salivate :-)

If you don't have v8.2 yet, however,.... what are you waiting for?


Thanks for waffling and howling!


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