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Newsletter #70

Supernova Flux and a 3rd Look at v9.1



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another issue of our Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter. 
As usual, you can learn more at

The developer of Project Dogwaffle, Dan Ritchie, also blogs here:

Not a Carrot - Howler
                        9.1 is coming soon  


New Tutorials & Videos - and a 3rd Look at some of what's coming with v9.1

 Version 9.1 is still under development, and we hope to see it released before the end of the year, but as usual, there are no guarantees with this kind of thing. For now, here are a few videos and tutorials that show some more of the new features, and hopefully will inspire you to move up to version 9.0 in the meantime. Once v9.1 is released, it will be a free update for users of v9.0
 Let's start with another brief Potpourri, a sample collection of some still images and some animations created with 9.1 (in beta at the time). Music by Jose Luis Suazo (jls), see for more about Jose's music. Many of his songs are freely available on Soundcloud, and he also sells some collections on iTunes and at CDbaby. If you like this type of inspirational music, which is great for relaxation and meditation too, check him out!

 - potpourri9.1-1 :::: Happy Howlings

 You'll notice some new line types towards second half. This can easily be used to create arrows and points with square or rund bases and triangle tips. This and other features are coming in 9.1.
 V9.1 will also have a new selection tool, the Free Transform Selector. Watch the video below.
 Here are some more videos and tutorials:

 - super nova flux -- creating animated flares and stars for video backgrounds


 - Manual Seamless Textures



 - The Free Transform Selector tool

 the free
                            transform selector


 - New Line Types

 New Line Types in



Upgrading to Version 9 - Holiday Sale!


 If you have any version prior to and including v5, use this coupon for a 36% discount:
  --- upgrade from any of Dogwaffle v1.x, v2, v3, v4, v5 or PD Particles:
  Your discount code (good for PD Pro v9, v8 or v7 at 36% off the regular price) is:  CJVB000NN
  You can use it towards the purchase of the Howler edition or the Artist edition.
  You will get a full installer when ordering.

 If you have a later version (v6, 7 or v8) version 9, as usual please contact us to request your discount coupon if you want to order through our BMTMicro online store, or contact Dan if you want to order from the developer directly. Look here for contact info: for Philip or here for Dan:
 - If you have v6, you can get a 46% discount just for asking.
 - If you have v7, we have a coupon for you at 56% off the regular price, that's more than half off!
 - And if you have version 8, we have a coupon for 66% off waiting for you.
 So, for example, upgrading from Howler 8 to Howler 9 may cost you only about $30 and change (excluding VAT or sales taxes, if any - this will vary by region).
 To see other versions still available, see the complete sales catalog at


Reminder: The Cool Creative Bundle includes Howler 8

 Learn more about the CCB at or go directly to
 Occasionally, you'll see other updated versions of some of the tools included in the CCB. For example, Archipelis Designer is now at version 4.
 If you already use the Cool Creative Bundle, you will have discovered Curvy 3D too. The latest version (outside of the CCB) is version 3, and it is amazing! Have a look at

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What's in
PD Pro 9?

Coming in 9.1:
Updated Fill
Settings Panel

newly updated fill settings panel

Read Dan's

Very Cool!
3D Stickers' are images included with PD Pro 9 - new image stamps as animated custom brushes

                      stickers are coming to Dogwaffle!

Batch #1
Batch #2
Batch #3

New Product!

Royalty-free music
Collection #1:
epic soundtracks
by Dan Ritchie
author of Project Dogwaffle

                royalty-free titles by Dan Ritchie in soundtrack
                collection 01

free samples:

Alien Visitation
Dinosaur Danger
Hard flying bits
Mech stuff
The Big Reveal

More Music!
Did you like the music on our video tutorials?


Soothing, relaxing music, perfect for meditation and finding peace with mother nature while exploring the inner artist, by eMaya's
Jose Luis Suazo

free samples:

Angels of the Ocean
Walking on Water
Mystic Fountain
The Warrior
The language of Rain

More free samples here

and more available on
iTunes and CD Baby!

Espiritu, Madera y Agua

Espiritu, Madera y Agua, by Jose Luis Suazo

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