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Newsletter #74

Share the Love

On Valentine's Day, tell your friends how much you love... to waffle!



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

PD Artist

PD Howler

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with particle brushes

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What's New

What's Cool

PD Artist


PD Artist


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Hello, here is another issue of the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter. 
- We'd love it if you'd like us, and not just on Valentine's Day.
- We're getting ready for PD Artist 9.1'ish
- We have 6 more tutorials for you.

If you have an earlier version such as v8 or earlier, be sure to contact us if you need a discount coupon for your upgrade. You will receive a full installer nonetheless with your upgrade order, so it doesn't matter if your old version is no longer installed or working. This is great to know if your hard disk crashed or you switched to a newer computer.
canyonlands, created in Howler 9.1
"canyonlands", created in PD Howler 9.1 with Puppy Ray GPU (click for larger image)

Share your Love for Waffling and Howling

With or without Valentine's Day, we hope you have a good love story to tell, your love for Dogwaffle. So we'd like to encourage you to speak up and shout out: post a quick statement on your Facebook wall, or send a tweet to your followers, and tell the world that on this special day, you just love to waffle and howl, with PD Artist or PD Howler. One thing is sure: we'll love you for it!

Sending you digital flowers by the dozens!

landscape with foliage in foreground
"landscape with foliage in the foreground" created by Philip Staiger in PD Howler 9.1


PD Artist 9.1?  not quite yet

With all the buzz and activities for PD Howler 9.1, we haven't had much time to update PD Artist. We're now looking at possibly releasing a 9.1 udate for PD Artist. It's in testing. Can't tell you exactly how long it will be or if it even will be 9.1.... sometimes things keep moving along for Howler and we end up doing a later update, like we did around 8.1/8.2... but who knows what the future will bring?

If you use PD Artist 9.0, stay tuned. Hopefully we'll have good news for you soon. In the meantime, keep on enjoying v9.0

If you're new to PD Artist and didn't know the difference between the Artist and the Howler editions, there are mainly two differences: Artist is cheaper than Howler, but Artist doesn't do animations or video work. (with one exception: you can still load an image sequence or avi file into the animbrush and paint with it!).

We usually develop Howler first. It's the superhero of Dogwaffles. PD Artist is a subset of Howler.

Also, if you've come to realize that it was nice saving a few bucks with Artist but you're now ready to upgrade to the full-featured big brother, PD Howler, you can get a strong discount for doing so. You can also use the same discount to switch from an earlier version such as PD Artist 8 to PD Howler 9. Interested? Just ask!

nurnies, by
                          Dan Ritchie
  "Nurnies" by Dan Ritchie, created in PD Howler 9.1

6 New Tutorials & Videos

Here are the latest videos recently added in our youtube channel:

If there is a video you found helpful or you liked for other reasons, don't keep it a secret: please tell your friends.

Intro to Howler 9.1
Introduction to Howler 9.1:
Interface layout and Brushes 101

frame blending
                            - animated transition
Frame Blending:
Turning two images into an animated smooth transition

The Spinning Astronaut - part 1
Using Carrara to create image sequences with alpha mask

The Spinning Astronaut - part 2
Inspecting the Image Sequence and Working with Frames

canyonlands - part1
Canyonlands - part1
How to paint a path for a canyon's elevation map

brush keying
Brush Keying and Feathering techniques
Tapping into the power of a custom brush

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Updated Fill
Settings Panel

newly updated fill settings panel

Read Dan's

Very Cool!
3D Stickers' are images included with PD Pro 9 - new image stamps as animated custom brushes

                      stickers are coming to Dogwaffle!

Batch #1
Batch #2
Batch #3

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  B.J. Bradley:
blowing bubbles

Space between

Mark Hamilton:
Mark Hamilton

Dave Devoe:
Dave Devoe's Northern wilderness

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