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Newsletter #77

PD Pro 9.2 - Coming Soon

Pre-order Howler 9.2 or Artist 9.2, get free update soon



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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What's New

What's Cool

PD Artist


PD Artist


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Hello, here is another issue of the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter. 
We are working on soon releasing Howler 9.2 and also PD Artist 9.2. Both will be free updates for those who have v9 or v9.1.

We're also offering a 29% discount for the next few weeks on purchases of PD Artist or PD Howler 9. If you have an earlier version be sure to use your upgrade discount coupon for an even better deal.

We also have a few new tutorials.



Project Dogwaffle as a Companion to Adobe(R) Photoshop(TM)

We recently had the pleasure of presenting PD Howler at a Photoshop Users group meeting online. The event was hosted by AdobeConnect, and you can now watch the recording here:

We'll see about ways to make this available as a plain video file, perhaps for viewing on Youtube. For now, this will play with a Flash player and you may need to install AdobeConnect, we're not really sure. Stay tuned for more details.

PD Howler 9.2 is coming - Get 29% off PD Howler or Artist

We are almost done, and very close to releasing PD Pro 9.2, and this time we're hoping to have both the Howler edition AND the Artist edition out together.

To celebrate, we're offering a 29% discount for a few weeks. It will expire April 14.

Simply order, no need to use a discount coupon. Of course, you SHOULD use your discount coupon if you have an earlier version that you're upgrading from, because it will be an even better value.

Order version 9 now and receive a free update to v9.2 soon, when it is available. If you already have v9 (9.0 Artist, or 9.1 Howler), your loyalty and patience will be rewarded, as this will be a free update for you.

Don't have v9 yet? Order here:

v9.2 is codenamed "Worlds Cutest T-Rex"

The World's Cutest T-Rex - What's New in v9.2?

Here is a short summary of the key new features:

Interface beautification

  • GDI+ rendering

  • Anti-aliasing

  • Optional flat or bulgy/gradient styles

  • Hot tracking

  • Unified color schemes

New tools

  • New color picker

Interface improvements

  • Combined title-bar and menu-bar for more screen space

  • Quick shortcut to replay a brush stroke


  • Spherize now anti-aliases around the sphere edges, not just the insides.

  • Rewritten Europa filter no longer uses multiple undos

  • More undo memory by default

  • Smooth scaling is now on by default

Speed improvements

  • Faster filmstrip on the brush manager

  • Faster print panel

Installer improvements

  • Wider system support

  • Fewer causes to install as administrator.

Other: Bug fixes, removal of legacy code, internalization of plug-ins, and code maintenance.

  • Saving an animated brush as an image sequence saved the first frame as the last file in the sequence.  Fixed.
  • Some fixes when loading an AVI file into Animation, including the frame count being off by one. The loader/preview dialogue now properly displays the thumbnails of the first and last frame. 
  • The brush manager and brush keyframer are now multithreaded.
  • Fixed a bug in the znoise filter that corrupted the saved undo.

  • The Shift filter now can reset or negate former parameters.  You can now exactly negate the effect of a former shift operation, for example to work on seamless images and then shift the image back to the original location.

A more detailed list can be found here:


New Toon Brushes - Batch 4 is Here!

Here is another batch of toon brushes, donated by talented French illustrator and artist, Michel Agullo:

Batch 4 contains 18 new images in the Dogwaffle Media format, i.e. custom image brushes, ready for you to use. 

batch 4 of Michel
                        Agullo's toon brushes - 3D stickers images

Have fun stamping and painting, and to learn more about Michel's wonderful art, visit

Eight New Tutorials & Videos

Here are more videos, recently added in our youtube channel:

If there is a video you found helpful or you liked for other reasons, please don't keep it a secret: tell your friends.

Intro to Howler 9.1
5 Ways to create a Cloudy Sky

other than painting it

direct link:

How to Batch-Convert an Image Sequence with Alpha

  direct link:


Creating extra tween frames through Motion Estimation

  direct link:


Animated starry background with flares and other special effects

  direct link:


Adding more animated tumbling space rocks or meteors

  direct link:


Dogwaffle interface basics - how to bring back the sidebar and color selectors

  direct link:


GUI Changes since Howler 9 1

  direct link:


Fire in the Sky

  direct link:


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New Image created in PD Howler 9:

(playing with the rock brush and rendering in Puppy Ray)

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Very Cool!
3D Stickers' are images included with PD Pro 9 - new image stamps as animated custom brushes

                      stickers are coming to Dogwaffle!

Batch #1
Batch #2
Batch #3


Batch #4

you know, it's true... I AM the world's cutest

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