The Dogwaffler of the Moment
newsletter #8- November 2006



  • DoggyFX - PJW Production's new video fx plugin with fades and transitions and numerous utilities for handling video and animations, for PD Pro 3 and 4
  • Promotions for PD and related products
  • 3D news: Curvy 3D is back!  announcing the release of Curvy 3D 1.5- get into 3D.... drawing and sketching turns into sculpting and 3D modeling!
  • Special offer: Curvy3D at a discount for Dogwaffle users
  • Reviews: thinking about upgrading to PD Pro? read the PD Pro 4 review at
  • Tutorials: doing Video and animations with PD Pro, including DoggyFX
  • Freebies: particle presets for Grass
  • The Dogwaffler of the Moment: Robin Pirez, illustrous Illustrator

  DoggyFX - PJW Production's new Video FX Plugin for PD Pro 3 and 4


 Paul Wyskowski of PJW Productions has released a plugin for PD Pro which adds a wealth of video effects. DoggyFX is particularly aimed at those wafflers who work with animations, 3D animated renderings and video. It offers a number of fades and transitions, as well as new effects such as nightvision and vertical hold. DoggyFX also adds a few tools for gamer developers (sprite sheet conversion) and exports to Animated Gif and MNG.

  press release
  PJW Productions website
  some tutorials including DoggyFX

You'll want to try the demo. If you are working with video in PD Pro, then you definitily should take a close look at the introductory special offered through November 15 to save 20%. (pay $39 instead of $49)

Here is a brief highlight of what's in DoggyFX 1.0:

Transitions included:
· Block Out
· Boxes (Open / Close)
· Crosses (Open / Close)
· Doors (Open / Close, Horizontal / Vertical)
· Fades
· Push Stripes (Horizontal / Vertical)
· Pushes (To / From in any of 4 directions)
· Rows/Columns (Open / Close)
· Slide Stripes (Horizontal / Vertical)
· Slides (To / From in any of 4 directions)
· Stripes/Weaves (Completely sizable unlike many competing products)
· Threshold Mask (Use an alpha mask combined with a progressive threshold filter
   to create your own transitions)
· Wipes (To / From in any of 4 directions)

DoggyFX's custom designed filters can be tweaked and applied to single frames or
multiple frames with a click of a button.

Filters included:
· Nightvision (Simulates looking through nightvision goggles)
· Sketch Filter (Hard Line)
· Sketch Filter (Soft Line)
· Toonify Filter

DoggyFX gives you several very powerful Alpha Masking / Compositing tools.

Alpha Masking tools included:
· Alpha Mask Filter (use an Alpha Mask to vary the effects of a filter effect pixel by pixel)
· Alpha Slides (Create custom slides using an Alpha Mask)
· Alpha Wipes (Create custom wipes using an Alpha Mask)
· Alpha Fades (Create custom fades using an Alpha Mask)
· Animated Alpha Mask Filter (Use an Animated Alpha Mask to create a moving filter
  effect on the screen)
· Animation Compositing (Layer multiple animations together to create some truly amazing
   effects. Use Alpha Masks (static or animated) to create custom effects)

DoggyFX includes several powerful utilities to help Dogwaffle users build complex animations
and create their own custom special effects.

Utilities Included:
· Animation To Sprite Sheet (Get tool for converting that animation you made into a sprite sheet
  for use in development tools such as Gamemaker)
· Attach To Stored Animation (The animation stitching tool. allows you to connect animations to
  each other to make things such as animated comic strips)
· Combine With Stored Animation (Have several animations that you would like to combine into
  one big animation? Then this is the tool for you!)
· Import / Export animated Gifs into PD Pro. (export with optional transparency)
· Export to MNG files
· Export to Transparent PNG using an Alpha Mask or transparent color.

Other FX Included:
· Animated Threshold (A progressive Threshold Filter is applied to the animation. Great for
  making Animated Alpha Masks and custom transitions)
· Focus (Focus In/Out of an animation)
· Ping Pong Animation (Append a reversed version of the current animation to the end which
  gives a time stopping and reversing effect)
· Vertical Hold (Simulates a rolling vertical hold on a television)
· White Noise (TV Snow) (Simulated Television signal intereference / loss of signal)

Carribean Cruise...$2000

Painting class....$199

Canvas & Easel....$129

Brushes and Oils...$109

French beret ......... $45

Tablet PC..............$999

A day at the beach with
tablet PC and favorite
digital painting software:

your brain needs a vacation?

PD Artist

have brush, will pixel


   Promotions for PD and related products


Here are a few reminders of current promotions you may want to take advantage of:

DoggyFX on sale at $39 instead of $49 through November 15!

PD Pro 4 is still on sale until November 15 - automatically save $15 on a full purchase or $6 on an upgrade from v3

DoggyFX launch promo- 45% off - good from Oct.27 through Nov.15
order from the BMT store and use this coupon:  UMK000IM
good for the purchase of the following products:
  - pdmprint - Multiprint
  - tutorial suite #1 - discovering project dogwaffle
  - PD Pro 3 upgrade from Project Dogwaffle 2
  - PD Pro Digital Painter 3.5 full version
  - PD Artist

DoggyFX launch promo2 -12% off - good from Nov. 16 through Nov 30
coupon:   UML000P1 - good for the purchase of the following products:

  - PD Pro 4, upgrade from PD Pro 3.x
  - PD Pro 4 full installer

Discount coupon for PD Pro 4 :  upgrade from Project Dogwaffle 2.1
Use the BMT store to order the full PD Pro 4 with a discount:
$70 off full price - pay only $49 (instead of $119)
use this coupon:      UDJ000GE   - good through November 15, 2006


MultiPrint for Dogwaffle

discovering project dogwaffle

Discovering Project Dogwaffle - tutorial collection #1 (based on Project Dogwaffle 2.1, great for learning PD Pro 3 and 4 as well)


  3D news: Curvy is back!  announcing Curvy 3D 1.5


One of our favorite 'little 3D applications' is back. Curvy 3D 1.0 was released in 2004 and was rather quiet for a long while, making some people wonder if it was still alive. Well, it is. Version 1.5 was released late October 2006, and it comes with a number of great new features.

What's particularly interesting with Curvy 3D is that the approach to 3D modeling and sculpting is very close to drawing. You will find that it's best to use it with a tablet, although a mouse will do too, for starters, especially now with the new feature in v1.5 that allows you to edit and redefine the brush strokes to reshape your 3D objects.

If you like to draw and sketch, chances are you will love Curvy for sculpting into 3D and painting color, bump and displacements maps directly onto the 3D objects. You can also greatly enhance your 3D illustrations by using other paint programs. For example, in this example shown below, the ragged trousers were painted as an alpha mask in PD Pro. Curvy 3D 's favorite image format is Targa - the same as for Project Dogwaffle!

  (click the orc for more pictures)

Curvy also has more to offer now in terms of import and export so you can use it better with advanced rendering engines in other 3D applications or game engins.  You can learn more about Curvy 3D 1.5 here:

If you're interested in getting Curvy, be sure to use the discount coupon mentioned below, exclusively for users of Project Dogwaffle.


who said I was dead?!?


   Special offer: Curvy3D at a discount for Dogwaffle users


  Users of Project Dogwaffle can enjoy a special discount of 20% when ordering Curvy 3D 1.5
Curvy 3D v1.5 promotion:
Coupon Code for 20% off Curvy 3D 1.5 - Only for Dogwaffle Owners:  DW1-C3D-873
Enter the code during the ShareIt online payment process


Curvy 3D 1.5


    thinking about upgrading to PD Pro? read the Review at


 We have seen several new reviews in recent weeks. There's the PD Pro 4 review at, as well as a review of PD Pro 3.7 in French by Creation Numerique magazine.

See all reviews here:




    tutorials: doing Video and animations with PD Pro, including DoggyFX

There's a whole lot more to Dogwaffle than painting, especially with PD Pro. We have started a collection of tutorials and tips/tricks for dealing with video and animations, such as from 3D rendering. Over time this should be come a great resource to find links and tutorials to anything related to moving pictures:



     Particles presets: more variants of Grass


Particle brushes (aka Optipustics) are fun to experiment with and save your very own new settings. Here's an example: We've started with the 'Grass' preset, and  changed just one or two parameters, for longer lifespan, less or more gravity, different starting size and color gradient etc...

You can find this collection and many others in the Freebies section:

got weed?


     The Dogwaffler of the Moment: Robin Pirez

I learned about Dogwaffle a few years ago while searching for a replacement of my version of Art Dabbler (included as a bundle version with my Wacom Tablet in 1997...). When I found Project Dogwaffle, I tried the freeware 1.2 version first and find it very excellent, but actuallly, not convenient enough for my daily use. In the past, I used Dabbler for small sketches which was enough for my
need of bitmaps, since I am a great lover of vector art. Usually, I make my creations with Illustrator (and Photoshop more rarely) but more frequentely with Macromedia Fireworks  which is my favorite 2d
Vector/bitmap application.  But this opportunity to discover the "big version" of Dogwaffle with PD
Artist is excellent for me. 

I work for multimedia products and advertising, but also for gaming and of course for my own pleasure.
Dogwaffle seems very rich in this version, and I am sure I will be using it very often for all my works, notabilly in case of "Romantik Design" works or creation of texture for maps of games or 3d models...
And why not for landscape painting, since I haven't time enough to pursue my own watercolor works...

Please visit my "blog Folio" at  with more Fireworks & Dogwaffle art, or my Deviant Art place :  and my first game website, with a very big map of North America and dozens of units made in 2D (mix Vector/Bitmap) with Fireworks