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Newsletter - Mid June 2014

Ambient Occlusion on Friday the 13th

A sneak peek at upcoming bliss



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another issue of the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter. 
Howler 9.2c is still the latest released version. If you have an earlier version, check your order confirmation email you received back then, as it should contain a great discount coupon for your upgrade. If you can't find it, just contact Philip or Dan, depending on where you bought it. Find Dan and Philip here here:

The Artist edition of Dogwaffle 9 continues to be a great way to step into digital painting, but on a smaller budget, without animation or video tools. (though it does include support for animated brushes, made of image sequences or loaded from an AVI video clip, for example!).

Not interested in video or animation? Try the Artist edition:
Learn more about PD Artist here:

Ready to work with video, do postwork on 3D animations? Try Howler!
Learn all about PD Howler here:

Did you know that we have updated the online user guide?
About the updated online Help guide:

Did you know? We have hundreds of free tutorials on Youtube. In the PDHowler channel alone, over 300. And a few more hundred on the old staigerman channel.

Do YOU also have any tutorials on using Dogwaffle? Please let us know so we can reference them and mention them here.

Here is our most recent upload, another potpourri, aka rotten pot:

Howler 8 for $13 on Friday the 13th, and a few more days.

It is (was) June 13, yep, Friday the 13th - on a full Moon too. Scary? Not scary enough? Did you try to paint it, for eternity to remember? The next one is in 35 years. Will you remember?

How about this to add to the excitement....

Big Discount on PD Howler 8! Normally $24, now just - you guessed it - just $13, for a very few more days. It's a short weekend - hurry!

Order here:

Reminder: PD Howler 8 is where we introduced the GPU version of 3D Designer, and also Foliage Brushes. It also already comes equipped with motion estimated interpolation through the Motion Prediction Module, which was first introduced in v7.2.

Looking to convert WMV and MP4 video formats to AVI for use in Howler?

Our first Windows App on the Windows App Store

Today we are happy to announce our first Windows Store app. If there was such a thing as virtual champagne, you'd hear a "pop!" and it'd be flowing all over your keyboard right now!

 If you use Windows 8, and need to quickly convert media from one format to another, then you should benefit from Dogwaffle Media Converter.

This app is free. It's also very simple to use, Load a video, and save it back.That about sums it up. Of course you'll want to save it to a different format, or a different codec or other specs as desired. Unless you just want to review it for the greater common good - and please do! And then use your social media to shout out a yelp of doggie happiness!

Other special deals?

Get it from the Author

In addition to our offers, the Author of Project Dogwaffle, Dan Ritchie, makes special offers of his own, on his web site.

Be sure to bookmark and have a look when you're ready to waffle up and howl with the latest releases.

And now for something... (not so) completely different: A sneak peek ahead....

Crystal Ball, tell me all.... What's Cooking at Dogwaffle Labs?

(Hint: If you're a Labrador dog owner, no, it's not that kind of labs we're talking about here. It's really more the computer research labs, Dan's kitchen of new recipees for your future artistic creativity.

As part of our ongoing research and development, this week we are experimenting with screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) and some of the useful things that we can use it for.

Ambient occlusion simulates the way light is blocked by nearby objects. This is in contrast to regular, direct shadows, with crisp shadow edges, such as created when an object blocks a distinct directional light source, or a spot light or point light. With ambient occlusion, on the other hand, it is the light that comes from all around the scene, reflected from the sky or off of nearby objects too. You might not see dark high-contrast transitions as much as ever so softly transitioning brightness levels. These are often used in Game design, being 'baked' into the textures. They also contribute to much more realistic lighting effects and soft shadows.

A somewhat related technique is also known as IBL (Image based lighting), where a global surrounding light map is used to represent thousands of individual light sources. Conceptually, it might help understand what's happening. But you can look at it from the point view of the many 'light sources' spread across the skydome's light map, or from the point of view of the hidden areas, occluded parts invisible to the ambient environment. Hence the name, Ambient Occlusion. Either way, it's a good thing, and we're looking to make it even better for your painting experience.

Puppy Ray already included a realistic global illumination ray-tracer that calculates occlusion from nearby objects, but there are other parts of the program where a fast, approximated shadow can be very useful. For example, the 3D designer may gain a new level of realism, without sacrificing rendering speed. Or better yet, foliage rendering might  look a lot more natural.

Below are a few screen captures showing some of the steps and results. Click the images to enlarge them.
If you are reading this as a text-only email, please visit our newsletter archive here: for the images and other newsletter archives.

Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Ambient Occulsion  Fog Layer 
                            might look like in 3D Designer

More Tutorials or Sample Videos/Pots Pourris?

Just one more? Nope.

But actually, 3 more.
     Living Planet - Verve
     Feature Removal: not just for Skin Blemishes in Portraits
     potpourri 140527 - the living desert, part 1

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