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Newsletter - Late July 2014

Videoscribing with Dogwaffle, and Second Preview of Howler 9.5

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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another quick update with the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view the online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here:

Coming to Howler 9.5:
3D Designer - realtime rendering with erosion and raytraced shadows in the GPU.

3D Designer landscape with erosion and
As mentioned in the prior newsletter, we are busy developing the next semi-major version, Howler 9.5. Thank you so much if you already took advantage of the early pre-order discount. Your trust and support is much appreciated, and we think it will be greatly rewarded soon. Version 9.5 is looking great.

Mid-July Preview
(view on YouTube directly)

You can still pre-order and save, although not as much as before. The best deal was the early pre-order discount, at $15 to upgrade from v9.2, now you can pre-order at $20. In a few weeks it will switch to after-release pricing, where the upgrade will be $25.

You get similar discounts for pre-ordering from earlier versions such as v7 or v8, or even much earlier versions. If you have a discount coupon, try it in the order form at  -  If it doesn't seem to 'take', i.e. if it doesn't show a discount when entered, be sure to contact us, we'll be happy to send you a new discount coupon made for your current version.

Please note that we'll be travelling in Japan in early August, and may not have the ability to respond for about a week. No worries though, we anticipate that v9.5 will be ready a week or two after our return from the land of the rising Sun, so still plenty enough time to follow up and get you the pre-order discount. Plus, you can always pre-order from the developer directly: contact Dan Ritchie at

Videoscribing with Dogwaffle?

If you're an instructional designer or technical trainer, you know video scribing. Or, you should. It's essentially a white board on which you scribble and draw and narrate your story. You can do this in a variety of ways, with specialized software such as Videoscribe by Sparkol. Or you can try the DIY way, do it yourself, with Dogwaffle and a screen capture tool such as Camtasia, MS Expression, or CamStudio, to name a few.

We are exploring a few tips and tricks, techniques and approaches to make videoscribing with Dogwaffle as pleasant an experience as possible. This includes setting up and configuring your user interface, changing the workspace to help you focus on your drawing, and get some items out of the way, away from the screen. Watch a few tutorials here:

video scribing 101 - intro techniques with Dogwaffle   (long intro)

videoscribing 102 - more options to customize your workspace

videoscribing 103 - turning your undo frames into an animation

The latter one, #103, is really indicative of where we also want to take this: Beyond(!) videoscribing. In other words, Dogwaffle will help you create a lot more cool animations than just what you record as you draw. We'll explore a number of cool techniques over the coming months.

Do you videoscribe? If you have some cool recordings, especially when done with Dogwaffle, please share your creations.

What's coming with Howler 9.5 - a second look

In mid-July, we presented a short video with some of what's coming. See this video:

Mid July preview of Howler 9 5 - coming soon

Here is yet another new feature, added since. This one will be great for digital photographers.

Local contrast for HDRI simulation

Here are a few more tutorials and news about what's coming to v9.5:

Start here on the general Features page:

The Local Contrast filter, mentioned earlier above:a local
                        contrast map

A different type of dynamic range, this is the dynamic range for lighting calculations: In 3D Designer, the lighting is now floating point and much higher quality. Here is an example:

The Cloud Modeler, and Cloud rendering, and - yes! - cloud animation too. Boy oh boy are we tempted to call this cloud computing... but no, it's better than that. Actually, much of this is still somewhat experimental, so beware, what you see here may be different from what v9.5 includes. Let's follow tis with a candid eye.

Self-shading with Amient occlusion on foliage particle brushes:

Shading and Lighting improvements in 3D Designer.

Erosion and raytraced shadows in 3D Designer.

Many tools that are added to 3D Designer are also made available standalone as their own filters. For example, in the

Filter -> Stylize

group, you'll find the Erosion filter, and the Slope-aware snowpack generator. You can use these to generate additional details to be used on elevation maps and color maps used by the raytracer, PuppyRay.

That's it for now, there's a lot more coming, stay tuned for more details, and thanks again for waffling and howling. Please forward or repost this newsletter, share with your friends if you agree they're missing out on something really cool.

-Team Dogwaffle


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