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Newsletter - Mid August 2014

Cloud Modeling with the new Particle Modeler

coming soon with Howler 9.5




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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another quick update with the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view the online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here:

We've hit a slight snag, a small delay.  By now we hoped to have a release, or that the release of 9.5 would be imminent. Well we've had a few delays, and it now looks like September'ish.

On the bright side, one of the reasons for it is that a lot more is going into the new version.

Also on the bright side, you can still pre-order and save 20% on upgrades, by paying just $20. This will, as indicated earlier, stay in effect until the release, and shortly beyond. Thereafter, the price for upgrading from Howler v9.2 to v9.5 will be $25.

You get similar discounts for pre-ordering from earlier versions such as v7 or v8, or even much earlier versions. If you have a discount coupon, try it in the order form at  -  If it doesn't seem to 'take', i.e. if it doesn't show a discount when entered, be sure to contact us, we'll be happy to send you a new discount coupon made for your current version.

Plus, you can also pre-order from the developer directly: contact Dan Ritchie at


Coming with Howler 9.5 - Clouds in Particle Modeler

We've briefly mentioned the Particle modeler in the prior newsletter. We call it the Particle Modeler, but it is clearly designed and intended for use in making new types of clouds, perhaps equivalent in appearance to volumetric clouds (although it's not exactly the same approach).

Here is the start of a mini-series of tutorials that we hope to bring forward to fully document and explain the various features of the new Particle Modeler.

Intro to cloud modeling and animation - part1:

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more in coming days and weeks.

From a Dogwaffler User - Michael McDonald

Mario speed painting by Mike McDonald
Here's a pop artist with an interesting mix of artwork. He's also used PD Howler, and we just looooove the video recording he did on Mario. Don't miss it. Check his website at and scroll down a little to find his videos.

Stay tuned for more about Mike in coming weeks.

For Users of Lightwave 3D - the Newtonian plugin

You may not know it yet, but the author of Project Dogwaffle (PD Howler, PD Artist, PD Particles,...) is also a passionate user of Newtek's Lightwave 3D. Many years ago, he already was making plugins for LW3D, such as a lensflare engine.

Here's a new creation, a plugin for LW3D that adds Newtonioan motion to a chain of rigged bones, such as the tail of a dinosaur. It will assist you in cquickly creating a more natural appearance for the movement of the tail when it is attached to a body that is in motion. As the dinosaur walks, the tail is moving naturally and under the influence of gravity. You will save a lot of time as you don't have to finely keyframe the movement anymorejust to give it that natural latency look.

Dan describes it in more detail here:

Here's a key intro video:

This adds realistic physics to the bones in motion.

We've added a new Playlist, 3D with Lightwave with a bunch more videos on LW3D, some of which are narrated:

Note that we also are seeing some of this code in Howler. For example, here is an image created with the help of a new feature added as springs effect to the orbicle brushes:


We'll cover this and more new Howler 9.5 features in the next newsletter.

Thank you for waffling and howling with Project Dogwaffle!

Team Dogwaffle


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