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Newsletter 89 -

New Presets for Foliage Brushes, and

Deep Dive into the River Canyon Tutorial



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another very quick update with the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view this and other online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here:


Trying out the Howler 9.5 - Demo version is here

A Demo version of the new Howler 9.5 is now available. Look for it here:

The Demo or Trial version of a few earlier editions may still also be there, such as v9.2, and even the free Home Trial for v8.2

Upgrading to Howler 9.5 ... Where is your Discount Coupon?

We have had a few users contact us and indicating that you couldn't find your discount coupon within the emails you received through BMTmicro when ordering earlier versions.

That is indeed the case for most users. If you bought what was then the latest version at the time when you bought it, there likely was no discount coupon since there was no higher version to upgrade to, at that time.

If you bought a version that was not the latest anymore at the time, such as if you bought v7 when v8 was already released, you may in some cases have received an email with the coupon, either as part of the order delivery, or as a separate email.

But, don't worry, if you can't find it.

Simply contact us to request the latest discount coupon available, based on your current version.

Contact Dan if you had ordered from him directly or you want to order directly from the author.

Contact Philip if you prefer to re-order your upgrade through the same BMTmicro system as before.

We'll need to know which version you had obtained last, regardless of whether it still runs on your current PC.

Even if you ordered yours long ago and are still using something like v3.5 or v4, v5 or similar, you'll get a discount of 35% or better. If you use the freeware versions 1.2 you still will get a discount and a thank you note.


New Presets for Foliage Brushes

We've added some information about what's new in v9.5, specifically with regards to the Foliage brushes.

As you may remember, we've added a self-shading capability, based on ambient occlusion, whereby the foliage is restricting the light from the surrounding environment, thus causing the branches and leaves to get darker, the more of them you overlay. When you raw a first twig or branch with leaves, it may look pretty bright all over. But as you draw a few more brush strokes to add a few more pieces of foliage to the growing bouquet, the leaves on the outer rim stay light, while the inner parts get darker. The inner regions receive less light because the light is blockued off by surrounding branches and leaves. This easily adds great depth perception or visual realism. It also shows that while you're doing a 2D brush stroke, the foliage brushes actually grow their shrubbery in a 3D world, which is aware of depth and lighting.

Here is a reminder of that new capability:

Ambient Occlusion on Foliage Brushes

Here is an example of what you can get with just a few brush strokes:

We also have new presets for foliage brushes. These are now seen here:

And here is an image with perhaps a dozen brush strokes, using a variety of different settings, including some of the new presets:

Deep Dive into the River Canyon Tutorial

A few weeks ago, Dan created a River Canyon tutorial. If you missed the original, here it is again:

This is a great tutorial to learn some awesome tricks to create interesting looking mountain scenes, with sediments, erosion, stratified coloring, snow and clouds.

The original tutorial was done before the final release, and there have been some additional features and tweaks to the user interface since then. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to re-visit the major steps that are presented in that tutorial, to learn a bit more about the options, and to see it through the GUI that you'll experience in the fianl 9.5 release. Plus, we'll probably learn a few more tips and tricks or alternate ways to get to some of the results. It's all here to helpyou play and become a better waffler.

So, in coming weeks, you'll find new tutorials that talk about the main steps found in the original River Canyon tutorial. We recommend, if you're interested in following this, that you start by reviewing the original tutorial. Here's an example of something we just created on our own, following the same steps with slightly different options in some cases.

Deep Dive into the River Canyon

To wet your appetite somewhat further, here's a short fly-through animation where we take the deep dive into the canyon. This short clip is about 700 frames long, and
was completely modeled and rendered in PD Howler 9.5's 3D Designer, with the addition of just one post-work item: the lensflares engine was used from the Timeline to add the Sun.


That's it for now. We sincerely hope that you'll like the new features as much as we enjoy them. If you like Project Dogwaffle, please do tell your friends on Facebook and other forums. It's as simple as mentioning the link to this newsletter:

Thanks again for waffling and howling with Project Dogwaffle!

Team Dogwaffle


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