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newsletter #9 - April 2007
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New v1.5
Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!

Special discount coupons available for users of Project Dogwaffle! (ask us)

  • Updates & Patches : PD Pro 4 - the free 4.0b and 4.0c update patches, and a plugin collection for PD Particles (CoolTools #1)
  • international : a japanese version of PD Particles, a German version of PD Pro 4
  • Reviews : Tom Arah's column on real world computing in PC Pro magazine, and reviews in 2dvalley
  • Tutorials : Tutorials for video compositing: blue screen, green screen, alpha channel masked image sequences...

Do you like PD Particles?
then you'll LOVE PD Pro!

see what's new in v3.5 
and free update patches

even better: Check out
what's new in v4!

Free Updates & Patches

New lower price:
now just $79!

easy, powerful, complete Flash authoring tool:


by TIVITY Software
see what you've been missing! Also look for Pix-tivity, the pixel image editing program.

- Recent updates for PD Pro 4: 

There have been two recent update patches since 4.0a in late 2006. The 4.0c update is the latest as of this writing. You only need the latest, and it will include the improvements from prior patches. To learn more about what's new in 4.0b and 4.0c, check details here:

If you simply want to go ahead and download the patch go right here:

In fact we recommend that you bookmark this page and visit it regularly to see if there's any new versions for your release.

Improvements included in PD Pro 4.0b and 4.0c are:
  • Large addressing: better support for large images
  • better performance on low-bandwidth systems such as TabletPCs and laptops
  • better performance with control of marching ants updating on selections
  • fixed a bug in Brush keying Feather' plugin
  • Improvements in Palette from Buffer plugin
  • Two more filters are now explicitly multi-threaded 
  • improved support for image sequences and compositing with bluescreen, green screen or alpha masking
  • new parameter in Snowfall filter lets you change the brightness from black to white
  • a bug was fixed so that particle brushes (Optipustics) using the Style called 'Brush' (which uses regular brushes to push them along the particle paths) can be used even while zoomed in or out
As a reminder, here's what was added in 4.0a - if you're still using 4.0 you should definitely get the latest patch:
  • Faster layer mixing.
  • Redeye removal tool
  • Menu item for DoggyFX plugin
  • display bug: Black Horizontal line through the center of the brush image
  • "ChangeDPI" bug fiix
  • other misc. fixes

- Recent Updates for PD Particles:

We have put together a few plugins coming from PD Pro which are essential for managing images and working with alpha channels. These are available to users of PD Particles as a free plugin collection, CoolTools #1:

a compositing tutorial


into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tool for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images

Tom Arah has written a great review of PD Particles, PD Artist and PD Pro for PC Pro magazine

A review of PD Pro was also added at - and they already had a review of PD Particles!



 liquidation sale!

Poser 5

Poser 5 for $79 or less - free shipping included in the US

Check the new tutorials on video compositing with image sequences on blue screen or alpha masks.

There's also a new tutorial on shading, to paint realistic 3D scenes.

Dogwaffler of the Moment: Dwayne Jensen

  Here's a new user of PD Pro  who loves to use particle brushes to enrich his animations with realistic foliage and shrubbery. Dwayne Jensen uses Project Dogwaffle with other popular tools such as Moho for 2D animation or Maya for 3D.

larger Flash / Quicktime (with sound)

International News

I'm n-sided!
I'm a Manga cutie
version 1.2!

Human Figure
 Modeling, Posing & Dressing  with
exports for
Game Design,

- A Japanese version of PD Particles

NetJapan's PowerX division has released a japanese version of PD Particles, called PowerX PD Particles:

- A German version of PD Pro

We have posted a German version of the Menus file for PD Pro 4

3rd-Party Plugins

Serious tools for
aspiring Game Developers:


a complete physics-enabled game engine!

3impact - a very cool game engine!

 - fabulous physics -
- awesome visual fx -
- powerful & easy to learn -
- easy & royalty-free -
only $99

Make games that make
an impact - with 3impact!
Use it with your own 3D scene
creation and modeling tools!

A new plugin has been announced by Marco Pontello, who also created the DogLua (LUA scripting) plugin.

This new plugin brings BASIC programming to Dogwaffle. It lets you use ThinBasic to write filters for Dogwaffle.

You can see details and other 3rd-party plugins here:

or go directly to Marco's page here:

Happy programming in BASIC !

Waffling on a Mac with Parallels for Mac

If  you use a Mac/Intel, i.e. a Mac based on Intel processors, you may be interested in running PD Particles or PD Pro on it. One problem though is that there is no native Mac version of Project Dogwaffle. But there are ways around this.

One way to do this is by configuring your Mac for dual-boot with Apple's Bootcamp and a Windows XP CD. You will need to reboot and choose Windows instead of MacOS, for the duration of using Project Dogwaffle.

Another way, and perhaps your preferred way, is to not require a reboot, and instead keep MacOS running while Windows is started in its own window. You can then install and run Project Dogwaffle inside the parallel session of the Windows OS while your preferred MacOS remains present at the same time.

This can be done easily with Parallels for Mac, which you can use with other versions of Windows, not only Windows XP. For more details on Parallels for Mac, check

If you know an artist who uses a Mac and is interested in painting with Project Dogwaffle, do him a favor and don't keep this a best kept secret :-)

There is also a version for Windows and Linux!

parallels desktop for Mac

redefining the meaning of window-shopping on a Mac