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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 91 -

Good-bye Halloween, and Hello Thanksgiving



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is another quick update with the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view this and other online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:


Presentation and Promo at Photoshop User Group meeting

Mark your calendar and come see us at the San Diego Art Institute in Hazard Center near Mission Valley/Fashion Valley. Saturday November 8, at 1pm, we'll do a demonstration of the River Canyon tutorial techniques to create mountain range dreamscapes with snow. This event is hosted by the San Diego Photoshop User Group. We'll show how to quickly create various types of landscapes, snowy mountain scenes, even sandy desert dunes or frozen planets and scenes reminiscent of Monument Valley/Canyon lands, and talk about how to use Howler 9.5 as a companion to Photoshop in this creative process. We'll finish with a short animation, if only to pick the preferred single rendering amongst a few.

There will be a special promotional discount for those attending. If you can't make it, read below for the next best thing.

Another Sale

PD Howler 9.5 on is sale: order directly from Dan. He'll treat you to a 40% discount, which comes to about $52 and change. Visit his newly refurbished website at

Squirreldome is the home of Dan Ritchie,
                          developer of Project Dogwaffle


November is Movember

For some, Halloween October 31st is the date that marks the day when it's ok to paint your face with a funny moustache.  It lasts less than a day.

For others, it's November 1st that marks the beginning of a month-long tradition: Movember, with an M, as in Mo, short for moustache. But, you don't paint it,... you grow it!

Please visit to learn more. The site will redirect you to a sub site based on your location. In the US, read

This is all for a good cause, to raise awareness for a good cause: us. As in, us dudes. Us guys. Our health, our good health, makes it possible, for example, to continue to develop Dogwafle, on less than perfect conditions.  So what's not to like about Movember?

Not the hairy type?
You might not have time to grow it, or you might just not be the hairy type...

Can you spare a hair?
can you spare a

If you can't grow it, no worries, Dogwaffle is here to help... we'll help you paint it. Here's a discount coupon for you to use in order to sponsor Movember:
Your discount code = MOVEMBER2014    (that's with an 'M'!)

Place your order here...

This code will expire Monday December 1rst. It will give you a 37% discount towards PD Howler 9.5, 9.2, 8.2, Artist 9.2 and 8.2, as well as the tutorial collection also available at BMTmicro.Even though it's based on v2, there are lots of good tips and techniques in the tutorial collection, especially for new users.

In December, we'll donate 37% of what was ordered with this coupon to the Movember cause. So pass it around if you know any artist who also likes Movember. And let us see your painted mo!

Still not convinced? Read on....

Howler 9.5 coming to Daz3D soon

Still not sure how to best spend your money on Dogwaffle? Here's another idea:

Save up your Daz bucks, you'll be able to use them soon to get Howler 9.5. Ready, set,... howl!  Stay tuned for more or visit and look for new product releases.

Z-buffer Art

When you do a 3D render, there is some interesting stuff happening in the Z-buffer, which collects and stores the depth or distance of each rendered pixel. If you map the range of its values to a grey scale from black to white, or similar, you'd be surprised whay comes out at times. Here's one that looks like a misty landscape by itself. The actual rendering got lost, it wasn't that impressive, but we exported the Zbuffer and found this one. Looks like a very rugged mountain range in a misty, foggy atmosphere.

River Canyon Tutorials - more Tutorials and Videos

 You guessed it - we're not done yet. What did you expect? The weather has changed, it's getting colder, we even had some rain (!). Winter is coming, we want to see snow.

Here are a few more tutorials and videos / galleries that we posted since last newsletter.

intermezzo - river canyon deep dive tutorials

river canyon: deep dive - part 4 - adding a snow storm

river canyon tutorials - part 5 - erosion and sediments

adding a fancy title to a River Canyon rendering

River Canyon, deep dive - adding a new sky to the rendering

river canyon -deep dive - potpourri --- animations

The Howling Hills and mountains of Waffledor

terrains under the sea - adding special effects to make it look like a deep dive

Here are some more newly created images, as we're preparing and practicing for a presentation at the San Diego Photoshop User group meeting Saturday Nov. 8. If you have friends or family in the San Diego area, will you tell them about it?

Three Suns but no Summer

Altered Skies

Frozen Planet

Frozen river canyon


That's it for now.


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