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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 96 -

Night at Shangri-La



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is a quick update from the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view recent online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:



Music Video animated with Dogwaffle: Night in Shangri-La


Dale Hemenway lives in England and has been a user of Dogwaffle for over 10 years.. He's also used other popular animation tools such as Animation Master and Anime Studio, and HitFilm for video editing, to name a few.

He recently completed a music video for a band called BGO (Bubble Gum Orchestra). In this music video, several parts were post edited with PD Howler. Others were created from scratch. For example, the post-apocalyptic cityscape scene was completely created in Howler's Puppy Ray and some postwork (for adding windows and mural grafitti).

copyright: Out of this World Music BMI

Storyline by Dale Hemenway and Michael Laine Hildebrandt

See and hear it all here:

And here's a close-up on the city scene:

We hope you enjoy the music. We sure do. It's got a nice tune to it, something that seems to 'stick'. so be careful,... before you know it you'll be humming along to "Don't cha know...?"

To learn more about Dale's animations, also visit his YouTube channel:


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There's still time for great savings. No coupon needed, but if you have one for an even better discount, use it. Or contact us if you should have one, to upgrade from a prior version or sidegrade from the PD Artist edition.

Details here:


New Tutorial Series - Animation with PD Howler


We've started a new set of tutorials, focused on animation in its many various forms. Here is a playlist where you can follow and learn:



- Batch #6 of 3dstickers - Ho Ho Ho!


As promised, Santa came, in fact on a sleigh with a few reindeer, and delivered the free collection #6

See them all here:

And thanks for waffling and howling!

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