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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 97 -

Dibble-Dabbles - always a work in progress



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The above image was rendrered in Puppy Ray, currently under development for Dogwaffle 9

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Hello, here is a quick update from the Dogwaffler of the Moment newsletter.

You may also want to view recent online editions in HTML with images and links to videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:

In this issue we present several artists who now use PD Howler or have used other versions of Project Dogwaffle:



What is a Dibble Dabble? Meet  Jon Fryett


In late 2014, a new user of Dogwaffle's PD Howler sent us an email with a short message and file attachment:

So, I bought it and played around with it for about 2 hrs.
 Here is a little dibble and dabble of a test I did.


Jon's dibble dabble

We thought this was marvelous, and loved the word dibble dabble, and so here we are looking at this and other dibble dabbles.

The author of the above email turned out to be Jon Fryett.
Learn more about this dibble-dabbler:
about Jon Fryett:

Aside from staying healthy, Jon also creates music. Listen here:
Here's what Jon says about himself:

"Back in Feb 2014, I was on the internet doing searches on digital art. I came across one particular site that had about 50 different types of free digital art software. I was looking for something to help me make T-Shirt designs so I could sell them. Then, I saw this link called “Dogwaffle” and it was free, so I clicked on it to see what it was all about. The website itself was an instant sell just by looking at the samples presented.

Back in my college days (early 80’s) I was an Art Major, so what I saw sparked my curiosity on how can I do this, but only using my laptop and a mouse. I digged deeper into the site and saw the types of art work I have always wanted to do, but couldn’t do it by hand on a real canvas. Then I saw PD Howler 9.1 videos on Youtube and said, “This looks hard, but easy at the same time”. I told myself I had to get this software and it was on a special sale that ended that week. I bought it, and started to “dibble and dabble” after watching a few videos on the “How to Do” videos. I am a big Sci-Fi fan and wanted to make that type of Art work, but didn’t know how. I also like nature type of art, plus anything that deals with lightning.

I just recently upgraded to 9.5 when the Christmas Special was going on. I have so much to learn and I have only scratched the surface of this awesome software. BTW…….when I do my art, it ALWAYS starts off by doing a little “dibble and dabble” here and there until I call it a final project complete. Here are some samples of my work while playing around with the software. I wish I could remember how I exactly did them, but can’t explain the exact methods that I used. That is why I call it, “Dibble and Dabble” method. Slap a little paint here and there, add some particle brushes or playing around with Puppy Ray and trying different light filters. Many more, but I don’t record my art while creating it."

See more at Jon's DOTM page at for more


A long-time dibble-dabbler: Anthony DelBuono


Here is another dibble-dabbler: Anthony has been waffling and howling for several years, at least since version 4 of PD Pro. Here is a fan page on Facebook that he posts on:


A new Dibble-dabbler: Briannah


She's on the galleries at Daz3d and Renderosity.

She doesn't have artwork done with Dogwaffle as of yet, because she's a recent/new user of Howler.

Keep watch on her galleries though, for future updates. The presence of Dogwaffle in her images might be subtle at time, in the form of a slight post work filter perhaps, or soft contrast adjustment. Or she might paint something from scratch and use it as a texture, a tatoo perhaps?

Here's recent feedback from Briannah:
I started dabbling a bit in Howler this evening,... so nice, I like! I especially love the 3D designer. It turns my renders into quite funny things! And I just watched your video with my render and loved it. So fascinating to see what can be done even when starting with a single still image. It's quite a special software. When I first looked at it I thought interesting, let's give it a try, but did not really know what to think of it as it does not really fit into any known category. I have no real experience in doing animations yet, but with Howler it seems really easy, so I'll give that a go as well in the near future.

Here is a tutorial that shows some of the effects you can expect to see.

Dogwaffle offers many ways to make your art your own, the way you see it, and feel it.


New tool for old Game Developer: Gabriel Walter


Gabriel lives in New York and develops games. Here's part of his first steps, using the free trial demo:

The demo works- it was 42.4 mb  - I played around with the demo and I like it! ... the obj test went well into 3ds Max

about me:
I've been making games since late 1980s (using BASIC on my commodore 64 which still WORKS! They don't make computers like that any more! Since then I've used the over-rated (in my opinion) hypercard, director, and more recently flash and flare3d.  Is a "game portal" that has some random games I've made on there.

I'm trying to get into more biblical-based themes/more mobile, and am looking into open expanses/nature rendering.Going with 3d since I teach it and so forth, we'll see how that goes.

That's where Howler 9.5 comes in! It does 2d and 3d (and video/animation I haven't even tried yet)! There's so much to do! The hardest part is seeing which game engine the files howler makes will wind up in, yet I think (hope) future Howlers have some kinda basic game plug-in! The code could be just added to make it slightly interactive/savable (like to an swf which some game engines were doing). Well even if it doesn't, Howler is needed for game developing if you want many robust features (see their site for details). OK off to making more games now! Take care.

experimentAnother style from howler to max not sure
                          which art-direction to go yet, but this is


Not the first dibble-dabble... but still magical everytime:   Mary Ferguson


She's not exactly brand new at this. Mary has been painting for many years, and she's also used Dogwaffle for a while now. You can see many of her posts in the Dogwaffle group on Facebook. Most or many of her digital creations are done with JWildfire and Howler. If you haven't heard of jwildfire yet, read here: - and Andreas Maschke's official blog - - And if you haven't heard of Howler, shame on you. No, not really, but here: - ok,.... but duh!

Here's one that recently caught our eye. Read the post first:

we trapped a stray earlier this week before the snow, -10F, and wind chill of -20. it was a slow process to get her to warm up to us enough to trap her before she froze to death. we have been feeding her for over 3 months. she has been to the vet and is running a fever. the vet said if we didn't trap her, she would have died. we have her crated to rest, get better, and slowly realize she is in a good home. while playing with jwildfire the other night when everyone was tucked away warmly in their beds, i created this. the only vision i had for it was to salute the braveness of a little stray. so this is jadie kittie.

jwildfire & howler 9.5 for eyes and mouth

jadie kittie

Here are a few more of her creations: (you must be logged in to Facebook)

just plain ol' mary

We also have captured a few, just a few - yes 30 images is just a few when they come from this prolific artist - view this slideshow in Mary's DOTM page: the Dogwaffler of the Moment

Want to see more?

  Mary Ferguson is on Facebook:

  Many of her posts are seen in the Project Dogwaffle group there:


More dibble-dabblers?  D.O.T.M. -  Dogwafflers of the Moment


There are many more who have dibble-dabbled during their first steps with Dogwafle. Discover the Dogwaffler of the Moment gallery




Here's a final picture, one of a sunset...


And what does that have to do with Howler, you ask?

Oh, nothing really, nothing whatsoever. Except that it is a pretty sunset, and that's about it. Pretty is a good word, and we like good things in our world. If you like it, feel free to use it, to make your own dibble-dabbles! We were hoping for a green flash, didn't get one. Use it in a composition, ...perhaps you can make some 'green' of your own with it.

Or just use it as a new wallpaper, for a while,.... until the Sun goes down.

Thanks for waffling, howling and dibble-dabbling!

oh, ok, so that was not the final picture. Here are just a few more. For inspiration? I think not. But you tell us.

The images below were derived from the above sunset:

rendered in 3D Designer - yup, it's not only good for mountain scenes ;-)

with a little bit of blur

back into 3D Designer or Lighting tool? I forgot

Now over to Puppy Ray

don't forget them lens flares from outer space

Need more ideas?

How about just using Puppy Ray with a single image such as that sunset shown above.....
and fly over its landscape of Jpeg-compressed pixels?

California Dreaming... Flying over a landscape of jpeg-compressed pixels in a San Diego sunset


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