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The Dogwaffler of the Moment - Newsletter 98 -

Beyond Dibble-Dabbles: Hello Mr. President



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Hello again, here is another update from the "Dogwaffler of the Moment" newsletter.

See more and learn more in recent online editions with HTML formatting, with images and links to related videos. Start here to see all past newsletters:

In the prior issues of our newsletter, we learned about new Dogwafflers of the Moment and artists who are learning to Dibble-adbble, either new or have done so for years. In this issue:

  • we mostly focus on new tutorials, to help you get some dibble-dabbling going too.
  • We announce a presidential discount, a promotion that expires on President's day.
  • A reminder on sidegrading from PD Artist, PS, and other companion/competitive tools
  • We take a sneak peek at an upcoming update for Howler. 
We also want to offer sidegrade discounts for users of PD Artist to switch to PD Howler, rather than waiting for the 9.5+ release of PD Artist. Although, this one might come soon too. So, stay tuned!



More Dibble Dabbling - learning how to.... with new tutorials!


Looking back at our YouTube channel, we produced quite a number of new videos and tutorials in recent weeks and days.  In case you forgot, here's our YouTube channel:

Some older tutorials can also be found in staigerland - those date back to PD Pro 5 and before, and some tutorials in these are still very useful, so don't dismiss those if you're new to Dogwaffle.

Here is a brief summary and highlight of recent tutorials and videos:

This one is not new, technically, it was the last item shown in the prior newsletter.:

  • California dreaming - flying over a landscape of jpeg compressed pixels in a san diego sunset

  • Animation 101, part9 - working with Poser looping walk image sequences for animated brushes

  • Endless sweep


  • Animation 101, part10 - endless sweep, the failed tutorials

  • Skies for Game Content Creation - gradient skies

  • Skies - quick rendered, animated cloudy sky

  • Skies - abusing the 3D Designer to make clouds instead of mountains

  • Fancy1b  -  a cyclonic storm up there in the sky

  • Skies - stormy clouds, animated

  • Oh no!... but no worry, you can recover stored animations after a crash

The above mentioned tutorial is something we recommend that ou view in case you ever have experienced a crash during the use of Howler, and you had stored animations. If they were stored on disk, they can likely be recovered. Do this before launching Howler again.

  • Buttons with round corners, using alpha channel blur, adjust, grow and shadow drops

  • My name is Mush

This is a short animation made with a single static image, drawn by Michael McDonald. It was done with the Frame Painter, included with Howler. You can see the step by step technique in the following tutorial below.

  • the making of "My Name is Mush" - working with Frame Painter

  • Sunset Boulevard on planet Zo Phi



The Presidential Treatment


Do you ever wake up in the morning, with a head ache or bad taste of government-did-this-to-you? Well, it's not all bad. Yes, there are bad and wrong things we can blame on government's insanity. When that's the case,  feel free to vent...

Mr President, Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!?!?

(learn more about Anthony DelBuono, who created this image, probably for another, better reason ;-)

Of course, like with so many other things in this short and challenging life, when it comes to government, if you want it done right, you've gotta do it yourself. Until that happends though, let's arm ourselves with the tools for better communication.

Learn a foreign language.... - free
Because the day may come where swearing, cussing and protesting may be more productive that way.

Also, get a tool to learn to paint and animate.
Because you need a way to make pamphlets, posters, fundraising flyers, video shorts, toon clips, etc...
or just to get away from this crazy surreality and paint a better world.

So anyway, here it is:

   The 2015 Big Fat 'n Angry President's Day Promotion

  • Why?     because - after all -  there were some good ones too, long ago, so let's honour their memory with humility
  • Discount coupon:         no code needed, discount is automatically applied     
  • Validity:  now through President's Day   February 16 2015
  • Products :   applies to PD Artist 9.2, PD Howler 9.2 and PD Howler 9.5
  • Price before the discount:  affordable
  • Price with the discount: frankly, ridiculously affordable

Please don't wait till the next election...

Do you have your own discount coupon?
If you already have a discount coupon, use it only if it is for a bigger discount. If you own a license of the most recent prior version, v8 or v9, you should get a bigger discount, perhaps as much as 72% off(!). Contact us if you need your discount coupon for an even better deal: Ask Philip or Dan -


Sidegrading from PD Artist to PD Howler? 

(or from any other competitive product, for that matter)


If you use PD Artist and wish to switch to PD Howler, or you use ArtRage, Photoshop, Painter, and many other 2D / 3D art software, and you want to switch to Howler or add Howler as a companion (dare we say: alternative?) to your current tools, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have a special promotion of 45% discount waiting for you. Possibly more. Ask, and you shall be rewarded for the effort.

This offer expires end of February. So don't wait until the snow melts away.

Sunset Blvd on planet Zo Phi


Coming Soon to an Intel processor near you  :   the next Howler update!


We're getting ready for a first update since v9.5. This may be just a zip archive with a few files to replace your existing installation, or it might be an update installer, we haven't decided yet. It will perhaps be another "doggiebag" type of update.

run baby run

It will have bug fixes and new features and improvements to existing features. Here are some:

  •  Updated navigation...
    • Zooming with CTRL-Shift now zooms from the pointer instead of the center.
  •  Optional scrollbars...
    •  to make it easier to work with tablets that don't have the CTRL-Shift shortcut.
  •  Improved benchmarking (The Poochmark, er whatever)  ...
    • Useful for comparing different computers.
    • Computes typical image processing functions.
    • Now you can compare the speed of your other software with howling fast Dogwaffle. There's a reason why it's called Howler.
  •  (Tentative) support for larger monitors...
    • Fewer stacked toolbars at the top.
  •  Re-written rubber sheet filter...
    • and using the GPU
  •  Lighting tool ...
    • now on the GPU
  •  Motion blur ...
    • now on the GPU
  •  Text tool ...
    • a bug has been fixed. It's better/easier to use now.
    • The max font size goes higher now, great for big posters. If it's still not big enough, remember that you can apply the text into a brush image. Then you can further upsample the custom brush to really super-size the text!
    • Still has a known glitch when applying text directly to alpha and you have a scaling (zoom) in effect at the moment. There are known easy workarounds, but if you must apply it to alpha directly, we recommend temporarily using unzoomed view, applying the text, and zooming back in (or out) to the desired area of interest, and fine-tune the position with Control-Left-drag (which is used to move the alpha channel, shifting it around with the mouse).

There may be more goodies. Stay tuned, and thanks for waffling and howling!



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